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The most versatile activewear you'll ever own

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4.9/5 Trusted by 13,893 Athletes & Fitness Enthusiasts

Take Your Workouts to the Next Level

Wave goodbye to ordinary workouts and hello to smart, protective activewear

Achieve your health goals with scientifically-engineered gear for all-day protection

Transition from gym to coffee in minutes with multi-functional, fashionable fitness gear

Scientifically Engineered Activewear for Peak Performance.

Thousands of athletes and fitness enthusiasts switched to our EMF-protective gear for enhanced performance

Ultra-Flattering Silhouettes. Body-Loving Fabrics. 

Ultra-Flattering Silhouettes. Body-Loving Fabrics. 

Crafted with body-loving fabrics, our activewear sculpts ultra-flattering silhouettes that move with you. The secret lies in impossibly thin, airy fabrications – imagine feeling as light as air during your most intense workouts.

Our advanced designs keep you cool and comfortable, allowing you to focus on pushing your limits and achieving your goals.

Sustainable. Stylish. American-Made.

Sustainable. Stylish. American-Made.

Crafted by women athletes, for women who demand excellence, SportPort™ is built for performance and empowers you to sweat with pride.

It's more than just superior, homegrown quality; it's a movement supporting women-owned businesses and American craftsmanship.

The Only Activewear You'll Ever Need

Introducing Eco-Friendly Patented Performance Fabrics

Introducing Eco-Friendly Patented Performance Fabrics

Look Good, Feel Good, Perform Better - GUARANTEED

  • Move Freely without Worries: Experience maximum comfort and flexibility during any workout.
  • Sweatproof Confidence: Engineered to stay dry and comfortable, keeping you focused on your goals.
  • Say Goodbye to Chafing: Breathable fabrics keep you cool and comfortable, preventing irritation.
  • Unleash Your Inner Athlete: Embrace your strength and potential with every move.

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Health Expert Approved

Proven Results, Backed by Patents

Strength. Cardio. Yoga. Conquer Every Workout with SportPort Active

Power Up Your Strength

Locked-in support for optimal form and power during heavy lifting and all ranges of movements

Move freely through complex exercises without feeling restricted, maximizing your range of motion and performance

Stay cool and dry with advanced moisture-wicking technology, allowing you to push harder for longer

Crush Your Cardio

Featherlight fabrics feel like a second skin, maximizing airflow and keeping you cool during intense workout

Streamlined construction minimizes chafing and distractions, allowing you to focus purely on pushing your limits

Feel confident and supported with flattering silhouettes that move seamlessly with your body

Deepen Your Yoga Practice

Sink into luxurious fabrics that move with your every breath, enhancing your yoga flow and minimizing distractions

Achieve deeper postures and perfect alignment with targeted compression that supports your core and muscles

Transition from studio to street with confidence in stylish designs that elevate your practice beyond the mat

Our no-fuss, sleek activewear is super soft, lightweight, and beloved by customers for good reason.


Our revolutionary fabrics are the secret weapon for unrestricted movement. They adapt to your every bend, jump, and twist, allowing you to move freely and conquer any activity. Ditch the limitations and experience the joy of uninhibited movement during your workouts.


Imagine moisture-wicking technology as your personal performance booster. SportPort™ actively draws sweat away, keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable. This allows you to stay focused, push your limits, and experience the sweatproof confidence that unlocks your full potential.

Finally, activewear that lives up to the hype.

5 Reasons Why Women Are Obsessed with SportPort™:

Experience game-changing fabrics with EMF protection, effortless movement, and unmatched support – SportPort™ delivers it all.

Move Like Never Before: Unrestricted movement for any activity.

Strong Women, Strong Gear: Designed by women for women, made in USA.

Move Freely, Conquer Anything: Effortless performance, no limitations.

Sweatproof Performance: Moisture-wicking tech keeps you cool, dry, focused.

Feel Good, Do Good: Sustainable activewear with minimal impact.

Trusted by Renowned Fitness & Health Experts

"...As an EMF-conscious doctor, I recommend SportPort™ activewear for its potential EMF protection, allowing you to exercise with peace of mind"

Dr Shah, MD, Neurologist

"SportPort™ is my go-to recommendation for clients. Their unrestricted movement allows for peak performance and injury prevention." 

Carolina Peters, Certified Personal Trainer

23K | 1.3M views

"SportPort Active is the perfect blend of fashion and function. Their designs are stylish enough to wear from the gym to brunch, without compromising on performance features. I love the versatility of the pieces, allowing customers to create effortless looks that transition seamlessly throughout their day."

Doug Llewellyn, International Television Host & Journalist

"SportPort Active has emerged as a leader in the activewear industry. Their commitment to innovation and high-quality materials is evident in their product line. We commend SportPort for creating apparel that empowers individuals of all fitness levels to achieve their goals in comfort and style."

Kathy Ireland, Chief Designer and CEO of kathy ireland Worldwide

“A recent study highlighted SportPort Active as a brand that prioritizes both design and functionality. Their commitment to using high-quality, moisture-wicking fabrics and strategically placed compression features ensures optimal performance during any activity. I highly recommend SportPort."

Julie Moran, InternationalTelevision Host & Journalist

No More Excuses, Just Results: See Why Athletes Choose SportPort Active


Game Changer

Reviewed in Florida

Verified Customer

As a personal trainer, I see countless women struggle with uncomfortable or unsupportive sports bras. The Apex Bra is a game-changer! It offers incredible support for high-impact workouts, yet feels unbelievably comfortable. No more bouncing or chafing, just confident movement for every client. Plus, I love the variety of styles and colors!


UPF 50+

Reviewed in California

Verified Customer

Finding a top that offers sun protection, stays cool, and flatters my figure can be a struggle! The Women's Full Coverage Top is a lifesaver. I can wear it from chasing the kids at the beach to a quick workout at the gym, and always feel confident and comfortable. The hand-painted designs are a fun bonus - it's like a unique piece of art I get to wear!


Lots of Style Options

Reviewed in Texas

Verified Customer

SportPort's Apex Bra and Compression Shorts set are my pregnancy workout MUST-haves! The bra provides gentle support for my growing belly, while the moisture-wicking fabric keeps me cool. The high-waisted shorts offer belly support and move with me, and the matching teal is a fun touch. This combo keeps me active and feeling confident! Love you guys!


Innovation at its Finest

Reviewed in New York

Verified Customer

As a techie, I love that SportPort is all about innovation, and it definitely shows in their clothing. Hidden key pockets, phone pockets with EMF protection, and breathable mesh panels - these might seem like small details, but they make a huge difference in my workouts. They've truly thought of everything. Big fan.


Super Comfortable

Reviewed in North Carolina

Verified Customer

Finding the right sports bra used to be a nightmare! I'd constantly battle with straps digging in, uncomfortable fabrics, and bouncing that made me self-conscious. Then I discovered the Apex Bra! It's like a magic trick - supportive enough for high-impact workouts yet comfortable enough to wear all day. Plus, it comes in so many amazing colors! xo


Staple Bikini Bottom

Reviewed in Florida

Verified Customer

SportPort Active's bikini bottoms are a staple in my gym bag! They're perfect for my aerobics classes or just poolside lounging. The soft fabric feels amazing against my skin, and the classic design never goes out of style. Plus, they're American-made, which is something I love to support.


Breathable Fabrics

Reviewed in Colorado

Verified Customer

The Tank Hoodie is my new go-to for outdoor workouts! It's the perfect blend of warmth and breathability, making it ideal for hikes or walks in cooler weather. Plus, the water-repellent fabric keeps me dry from light rain or morning dew. And let's not forget the reflective details - they're a lifesaver for early morning or evening workouts.


Super Friendly Brand

Reviewed in Arizona

Verified Customer

Amazing products deserve amazing customer service, and SportPort Active delivers on both! Their customer service team is top-notch. They're always helpful, friendly, and responsive, whether I have a question about sizing, care instructions, or anything else. It makes the entire shopping experience a breeze.

 How SportPort™ is Revolutionizing Activewear

We're obsessed with the science of sweat and movement, translating it into innovative fabrics and features that empower you. From moisture-wicking technology, strategic compression, and built-in EMF protection, its sweat science in action - letting you focus on crushing goals, not limitations.


  • Double-patented, built-in EMF pockets
  • Guaranteed for 50+ washes - industry average is 25
  • Lowest return rate in the industry - under 0.2% - incredibly low
  • Exclusive, luxury fabrics and technology
  • Over 25 design elements meticulously crafted into every piece

Other Activewear

  • Lack of EMF protection may expose health risks
  • Fades, wears out quickly requiring constant replacement
  • Poor fit or subpar design lead to returns and customer dissatisfaction
  • Standard, mass-produced fabrics
  • Basic designs lack crucial details that optimize your workout

SportPort Active™: FAQs to Fuel Your Fitness Journey

We stand by our quality! SportPort Active™ comes with a lifetime guarantee. Our high-performance fabrics are built to endure 50+ washes, maintaining shape and color for a long-lasting workout wardrobe.

Sweatproof Confidence — see how good protection can feel 

Sweatproof Confidence — see how good protection can feel 


Our signature EMF protection pockets shield you from unwanted radiation, built-in to all SportPort Active styles.


SportPort Active's innovative fabrics combine durability, breathability, and comfort for every workout.


Diverse collection of styles and sizes designed to support you in any type of activity.


SportPort Active is crafted with quality and performance in mind, proudly made in the USA. 


SportPort Active's lifetime guarantee ensures your investment is protected year after year.


We make science-backed activewear accessible and affordable

Engineered for performance, designed for comfort, built to last.

  • Workout Protection: EMF Protection Pockets
  • Luxury Fabrics for Performance & Comfort
  • 25+ Design Details for Elevated Workouts
  • Moisture-Wicking: Stay Dry, Feel Cool
  • Variety of Styles: Flatter All Body Types

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Free Shipping

We make science-backed skincare easily accessible and affordable

Try it now with zero risk. Lifetime guarantee.

You have 90 days to try SportPort Active collections and feel the support difference of our compression activewear.

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The Last Activewear You'll Ever Need

Looking for activewear that keeps pace with your dedication?

You deserve better than activewear that wears out after a few washes or hold you back from reaching your full potential. At SportPort Active, we believe quality shouldn't be a compromise.

While competitors might offer generic options that prioritize short-term profit over long-term satisfaction, SportPort Active stands apart using premium materials that are built to endure.

Ready to ditch the frustration of subpar fabrics and performance?


Made to Move With You:

  • Moisture-wicking technology keeps you dry and comfortable during workouts
  • Targeted support zones enhance performance and minimize fatigue

Look Good, Feel Great:

  • No special care required. SportPort Active fits seamlessly into your busy life
  • Look good, feel good, do good with sustainable materials and practices
  • Our lifetime guarantee ensures your investment is protected

Works Against You:

  • Subpar materials can lead to chafing, overheating, and sweat build-up
  • Basic designs often lack features that optimize your workout experience

Poor Quality:

  • Poor moisture-wicking technology leads to visible sweat patches
  • Short-lived fabrics pill, fade, and wear out quickly, requiring frequent replacements
  • Frequent replacements due to poor quality end up costing more
Ditch the Discomfort
  • Invisible Innovation: Hidden features like reflective elements and secure pockets elevate your experience

  • Flatter All Body Types: A variety of lengths and cuts ensure a perfect, confidence-boosting fit

  • Hidden Strength: Lightweight fabrics offer surprising durability, workout after workout


Selling Out FAST

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Free Shipping

  • Invisible Innovation: Hidden features like reflective elements and secure pockets elevate your experience

  • Flatter All Body Types: A variety of lengths and cuts ensure a perfect, confidence-boosting fit

  • Hidden Strength: Lightweight fabrics offer surprising durability, workout after workout

Join the SportPort Revolution