It all started on an eco-friendly farm in the middle of nowhere in Michigan. While growing up green, Monica learned the importance of respecting Mother Nature and Her creatures, and the essence of being one with Her.

Monica studied Biological Anthropology in college and graduated in Interior Design. Monica was also a TV Host and have interviewed on rounds of red carpets and press junkets. But she was never quite happy until she launched her own brand, ecobabe, where she empowers people to live more sustainably with a focus on individual impact. Monica also founded The Collective, a membership platform where we redefine sustainable living in the modern world while creating powerful change, together. 

Monica is different because she choose to spread Light in this world. To run into the fire and guide others to do the same. To partner with companies who want the same. To disrupt this world. And to leave behind a better future for our children with a Legacy she's proud to call my own. Together with the ecobabe and collective communities, Monica is hoping to educate and inspire people to take action for our Planet.

Monica's biggest mission is to transform perspective that each person’s actions are merely a drop in the carbon footprint bucket into rather, understanding the magnificent collective power behind every daily action we make. Because what we do truly matters. And the numbers prove it. 

Learn more by visiting ecobabe.