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SportPort hopes to elevate and encourage movement by spreading good health, mindfulness +  love through a carefully curated platform. 

Meet SportPort's Resident Fitness Guru Bryna 

Introducing a phenomenal new creation called REHAB, created and developed by renowned fitness expert Bryna Carracino. This revolutionary program is designed to push you outside of your comfort zone, teach you positive internal dialogue, lift you up psychologically and leave you feeling strong, empowered and recovered mind, body and spirit.

Through Bryna's coaching, you will learn how to balance out regular moving meditation (also known as exercise!), make healthier food choices, and also learn how to speak to yourself in a more loving, encouraging way. Bryna is a strong believer in positive self talk. Through that consistent positive internal dialogue and learning to live a more balanced lifestyle, you will be able to reach all goals they set for yourself in a much more productive way.

Bryna Carracino has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and is certified through National Academy of Sports medicine with advanced certifications in Sports performance, corrective exercise and weight loss.