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5 Tips to Practicing Yoga at Home

Finding the right time & space for your yoga practice can be a challenge at home. If you wish you were practicing more, use these tips to create the best atmosphere and routine to fit your daily life.

5 Tips to Practicing Yoga at Home

  1. Find a good location. Pick the room where you feel most at peace. Having an easy storage spot in the same room for your mat, towel, and accessories can help too. Having everything clean, ready and easily available is great start for success.
  2. Make a schedule. As much as we want our practice to be a zen, no-stress activity, in our busy lives it helps to set a schedule. Putting yoga on your weekly calendar at a day and time where there will be minimal distractions in your home helps the plan. Pick the days and make an appointment with yourself to practice.
  3. Have a comfortable outfit. Sometimes even picking a workout outfit and changing into it can seem like more of a hassle than you’re willing to commit to. Dedicate some special clothes to yoga. You will want lightweight, comfortable, stretchy and supportive options that won't distract you from your flow. Our favorite, all-around, most comfortable yoga outfit choice starts with the SportPort Polartec Yoga Pants combined with one of the popular and truly functional SportPort Sports Bras with Pockets and adding the finish of the elegant and function found with the SportPort Long-Sleeve Wrap & Tie Crop-Top. So comfy and pretty that you’ll find you’ll never want to take these off!
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  4. Set the mood. All it takes is having your cell phone handy to help set the mood for your practice. With so many APPs available for music & channels, you can close your eyes and let the music help set the tone and focus on your intentions.
  5. Know your practice. Mentally setting your body focus before you begin can go a long way. Whether you want your yoga to help with full body, arms, legs, or core, having a routine in mind can help your flow without having to stop to think about what to do next. If you are a beginner yogi, you can find some helpful exercises on YouTube or in various free phone APPs as well. We like some of the routines found with Tara Stiles yoga videos on YouTube. You can follow a routine until you are skilled enough to create your own.
Yoga can be a beneficial addition to your weekly workout routine. Increased strength, flexibility and balance are major benefits, but you may also discover an overall improved quality of daily life by simply incorporating these simple tips to ensure a regular yoga practice at home.

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