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Design Inspiration

Design Inspiration

This print was inspired by Founder and Chief Designer, Kim Higfield's, obsession with nature and the botanical beauty it brings us.

Blurry Bouquet derives from the very process in which it was created.  The artist starts by arranging the custom bouquet, which in this case happens to be the peony. The floral photographer then shoots a multitude of photo options of the bouquet of peonies. We select the perfect image for SportPort and this image is then hand-painted in artist’s oil. Next, the original oil painting is then digitized onto prepared fabric, as not to bleed or fade. This process ensures the print will hold up as long as the long-lasting integrity of our garments.

The peony’s robust bloom and gorgeous display of color is what makes this one of my favorite flowers. Representing strength and endurance, the peony thrives in harsh climates, very similar to SportPort women, we never give up!

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