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5 Fitness YouTube Channels with Amazing At-Home Workouts

5 Fitness YouTube Channels with Amazing At-Home Workouts

Sticking to a challenge of any type, let alone a fitness routine, can be demanding if you’re someone with a packed schedule. If you’re the on-the-go type, you may find yourself thinking, “I’ll just skip today’s workout and make it up later.” This can lead to a spiral effect that can cause you to fall out of your routine all together. Luckily, there’s a solution: At-Home YouTube Workouts!

YouTube workouts are great for people who want to fit in a workout from the comfort of their home!  Ranging from 5-60 minutes, these workout videos are a great way to hit your daily sweat goal without tacking on commute time. There are tons of great fitness YouTube channels out there, but we’ve picked out our favorites – and even suggested a few!


Best for Abs and Booty Burners: Pamela Rief

5 Fitness YouTube Channels with Amazing At-Home Workouts: A blonde woman stands in a room and displays her abs.

Pamela Rief’s workouts are especially great for those who want to tone their abs and booty.


Pamela Rief is a popular fitness YouTuber who has tuned into what women want out of their workouts. Filmed in her beautiful and bright studio, her videos focus on toning and sculpting the body in a short & efficient way! You can choose from cardio dance workouts, ab burners, booty burnouts, and even stretching videos. For an instructor who skips the fluff and gets right to the good stuff, Pamela Rief is a must-try.

Suggested Workout: 2 in 1 - FLAT BELLY & ROUND BOOTY WORKOUT // No Equipment | Pamela Reif


Best for Yoga and Stretching: Yoga with Adriene

5 Fitness YouTube Channels with Amazing At-Home Workouts: A woman sits crosslegged on a yoga mat with her eyes closed.

If you are looking for a low-impact workout, Yoga with Adriene will leave you feeling centered and accomplished.


Yoga with Adriene is a must-try for anyone looking to bring some serenity to their lives. This Texas-based yoga instructor is all about connecting with as many people as possible through high-quality free yoga videos. She offers an array of yoga flows ranging from calm and restorative to sweat-inducing and challenging. Either way, you can count on Adriene to help you practice your mind-body connection and improve your physical well-being along the way.

Suggested Workout: Yoga For Complete Beginners - 20 Minute Home Yoga Workout!


Best for the Next Hot Fitness Trend: Pop Sugar Fitness

5 Fitness YouTube Channels with Amazing At-Home Workouts: Four women in activewear stand against a yellow background.

If you want to train with the world’s top trainers from your living room, PopSugar Fitness is your new go-to!


Check out PopSugar Fitness if you like to stay on the cutting edge of what’s trending in fitness. PopSugar Fitness is the fitness channel of the larger multi-media conglomerate, PopSugar. They offer fresh fitness tutorials, workouts, and exercises that will help you on your road to healthy living, weight loss, and stress relief. You can take classes from the world’s hottest celebrity trainers, like Simone de la Rue and Christa DiPaolo, without paying a dime. 

 Suggested Workout: Burn 600 Calories in a 60-Minute Workout With Jeanette Jenkins


Best for Quick Workouts: Tone It Up

5 Fitness YouTube Channels with Amazing At-Home Workouts: Two women in sports bras and boxing gloves stand against a grey background.

Do you only have 15 minutes? Tone It Up is great for squeezing in a quick but effective workout.


When trainers and real-life BFFs Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott created their YouTube channel, Tone It Up, it was one of many divisions of their iconic brand. Once you try out their workouts, it becomes obvious why they skyrocketed to success. Their mission is to empower you to live your healthiest, happiest, and most confident life. Workout videos are short and will leave you sweaty and sore (in a good way!) by the end. Don’t believe us? Try one or two of their workout videos and see the results for yourself!

Suggested Workout: Total Body Tone Up!


Best for No-Equipment Workouts: Fitness Blender


5 Fitness YouTube Channels with Amazing At-Home Workouts: A man and woman in activewear stand against a blue background.

If you don’t have access to workout equipment, you can still get a great workout through Fitness Blender’s library of videos.


No equipment, no problem! Created by a husband-and-wife duo, Fitness Blender is all about taking the excuses out of exercising and giving you a guide for how to get fit wherever you are. They have over 500 videos on their YouTube channel, and most of those workouts are bodyweight only. That means you don’t need any equipment to get a great workout in. You just have to show up ready to give it your all!

Suggested Workout: Fat Burning Cardio Workout - 37 Minute Fitness Blender Cardio Workout at Home

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