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Still Torn on What to Wear? Create Upcycled Halloween Costumes!

Still Torn on What to Wear? Create Upcycled Halloween Costumes!

If you are still debating what to wear, here's a quick tip on creating upcycled Halloween costumes from items you already have around the house that is fun, creative, and eco-friendly.


When creating an upcycled Halloween costume, look around your house for any old clothes, cardboard, unused fabric, loose buttons, and more. By layering these items, you're no longer using can create the perfect Halloween costume!


If you're unsure where to start, here are two easy ideas to get you started on your DIY Halloween costumes.



Transform a T-Shirt: Two Styles

  • The Angel. Take a white T-shirt and use a gold ribbon or belt to cinch your waist. To make angel wings, use wire hangers by unbending them and cover with ribbon to make wings. That's it!
  • The Athlete. Utilizing a light-colored t-shirt, draw muscles onto the t-shirt (give yourself a six-pack!) and accessorize with any sports gear accessories you have at home to complete the look!


These are just a couple of ideas, but you can turn everyday items into fantastic costumes! Get creative, have fun, and be safe!


If you've made an upcycled Halloween costume, share a pic of your DIY Halloween costume and tag us on Instagram @sportport_active! We'll feature you on our page!

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