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Yoga Pants that Keep You Warm & Comfy in Winter

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Get Ready to Go ... Wear Stretchy Pants!

What feels better than a comfy pair of stretchy yoga pants? Not much! But will your yoga pants be warm enough to wear on a chilly winter day?

We know that finding the perfect pair of year-round, wear-anywhere yoga pants can present a challenge, especially during cold winter months. If you’re like us, you want your leggings to be lightweight but still heavy-duty. You want them thin, like a second-skin, but you don’t want them to be see-through. You want them breathable but not be able feel the wind between your legs. You want a nice form fit that helps show off the right bumps with no lumps! You want them stretchy, but with a gentle snug that will hold its shape all day long. You want them with a perfect amount of compression that won’t bag or sag or get in the way of your movement when snuggling up on the couch or while flexing poses in yoga class … all while still holding on and up to your body. Lucky for you, we have exactly what you’re looking for!

How to Find Yoga Pants Perfect for Warmth & Cold Winter Days?

The perfect blend of high quality performance fabrics and expert design techniques are the answer to this confusing dilemma. Don’t underestimate the importance of fabric or design when it comes to your shopping choices! Here’s what will keep you both cool and warm in the right yoga pants:

  • Ultra-lightweight knit fabric constructed of heavy-duty and resilient fibers designed to help regulate body temperature for cooling and warming in the right directions. Thick weave with a thin feel.
  • Controlled 4-way stretch sewn in the right ways and in the right places, and by design, allows for a perfect looking and feeling fit and offers a full range of motion for movement while insulating your legs and providing specific muscle support, so the body heat your active muscles generate stays in on cold days.
  • Close-knit weave and use of mesh fabric allows for body heat ventilation, so you stay warm, not overheated, while you practice, plus offers a thickness that’s not see-through and still is lightweight.
  • Technical fiber properties wick moisture away from the skin to the outside of the pants to evaporate, so moisture doesn’t pool against the body and you stay dry.
  • Durable woven exterior fabric blocks wind and repels moisture, so cool temps and unpredictable weather can’t get through.
  • Soft interiors, like microfleece, add a comfort base-layer to keep you warm and snuggly.
  • Design, cut and seams, set in all in the right places, make the entire look and feel come together in all the right places on and for the body. Giving you an ultra-soft and comfy pair of warm yoga pants with a luxurious appearance to wear all around, all the time.

Our Favorite Cold-Weather Winter-Wear Warm Yoga Pants

The SportPort Polartec® Yoga Pants offer all of the features above. This particular SportPort yoga pant design is made with the use of high-tech Polartec® Power Stretch Pro fabric and designed specifically for those who go to yoga or Pilates classes all year long. This choice allows the leggings to be ultra-soft and comfy with a luxurious appearance. The design has the microfleece interior, adding a base-layer interior warmth as it draws sweat away from the skin to expel it to the exterior of the pant for evaporation. If that’s not enough, the outside of the leggings acts as a barrier against snow or rain and wicks moisture quickly away before allowing it to absorb, keeping you warm and dry, inside and out.

For our Compression Fit Yoga Pants, we incorporate Lycra® Sport fabrics combined with quick-dry Tactel® nylon in flat-lock stitching that ensures a comfortable compression fit that is smooth and soft on the skin. Although extremely lightweight, the heavy durability of the fabrics provide a warm, close-to-skin fit, that is supportive without being constrictive. Strategic mesh placement in our custom design is combined with breathable knit allowing moisture to escape in all the right places. And, we can’t leave out the truly functional, fashionably designed element of the side cargo pockets. The zippered pockets in these yoga pants allow you to hold your phone, keys, credit cards or any other personal items on you at all times. – Check out the added floral splash of color and flare seen in our designer Hibiscus Workout Yoga Pants too. – This makes these functional yoga pants great for travel, on-the-go, anytime-wear while also being great at the gym or on the yoga class floor. Add a pair of black boots and a warm sweater to the mix and you will stay warm, be comfy, ready-to-go, and look great all Winter!

One More Time & Finally

Why Wear Yoga Pants in Winter? Because… with the right fabric choices and best custom designs, they can offer beautiful form – look good – feel comfy – layer well – travel well – keep you warm – keep you cool – worn anywhere, anytime – and look amazing. Need we say more?!

As a favorite go-to outfit piece for the active woman, yoga pants can keep you warm in the Winter and get you anywhere all year long! If you’re searching for the right pair, why not check out what SportPort offers in a best choice for your yoga pants & leggings.

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