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Anderson Cooper 360: Cell Phones and the Dangers of Cancer

Anderson Cooper is joined by Dr. Sanja Gupta. Anderson opens with this question: “If they’re so safe, why do manufacturers recommend holding them more than a half-inch away from your head while you’re talking?”

Recently the National Institute of Health released a study that using a cell phone changes the chemistry inside of your brain. The usage of cell phones has increased to several hours a day which is not how cell phones were intended to be used. Although the FCC does not recommend any precautionary measures, the cell phone manufacturers say to keep the cell phones 5/8" away from your body. Dr. Sanja Gupta suggests using ear phones instead of putting your cell phone next to your head. Non-ionizing radiation, found in cell phone usage, is similar to a low power microwave oven. Cell phones can heat up and may cause tissue damage where the phone is held. Scientists do know that cell phones have an impact on the brain; it changes the brain metabolism in the area where the cell phone is held. It is hard to predict the long term effect this may have on the brain. Can it lead to cancer? That's what scientists are trying to figure out.

Lawyer, Johnnie Cochran, best know for his role in the acquittal of O. J. Simpson, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2003 and died in 2005. Neurosurgeon, Keith Black, treated Mr. Cochran and is convinced his brain tumor was caused by cell phone usage.

World Health Organization, (WHO), released a new finding that cell phones can possibly be carcinogenic to humans. They compare the cell phone carcinogens to lead, chloroform, and engine exhaust. They recommend using preventative measures, such as a speaker phone, ear phone devices, and Bluetooth. WHO says to keep phones away from your body.

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