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Casilda Gonzalez - SportPort Partner

Casilda Gonzalez is a renowned model activist that utilizes her opportunities and platforms as a way to inspire others to adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle that promotes a healthy relationship with our environment. As Casilda recently said, "It is so important for me to work and collaborate with brands that have a similar plan and goal for themselves. The fashion industry is not ethical in many different ways and we need to speak up and talk about what is going on! I want to inspire others and spread my knowledge to people, but most importantly I want to SHARE. I share my stories, my passions, my concerns and achievements, I've always been a strong believer in "sharing is caring" rather than TELL people what they should/shouldn't be doing it is better for me to stand in my truth and be an example and share everything with the platform I have been given as a model."

Casilda is also deeply involved with 00 For All, an organization helping to bring clean potable water to families all over the world.