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Lee Jimenez - SportPort Partner


Meet Lee Jimenez, a New York native who catapulted his life one muscle at a time. Lee is the founder of Body Battle Fitness, a premier fitness consultancy brand for high performance athletes. Lee's expertise and passion comes directly from his own personal fitness journey. In 2010, at 255 pounds, Lee found motivation in group fitness classes and later in regional endurance sports. Following an exciting career in the beauty industry, Lee transitioned to make health and functional wellness his primary focus.

Currently, he is certified in group fitness, indoor cycling, yoga, and personal training. Lee takes his corporate experience in the beauty realm and current knowledge of the fitness industry to new heights every day when training clients, coaching classes, and upholding a healthy and positive lifestyle. When he isn't training gladiators you can catch him at the hottest vegan restaurants or chasing a new PR in his workouts.