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SportPort is deeply committed to providing circular fashion for our people and  our planet. We stand behind high quality craftmanship with inspirational designs that are beautiful, fun, timeless, and designed to be re-loved and re-made. 

In order to benefit the Earth, we resource worldwide to optimize our sustainable footprints and lessen our impact on the environment. We do this by using sustainable material, whenever possible, and partnering with Green Manufacturers with environmentally friendly technologies that significantly reduce air and water pollution and landfill waste.  

Ethical Manufacturing

Recycled + Organic Materials

We're committed to 80% sustainable materials by 2022. To date, 50% of our products are made with high quality sustainable materials and we look forward to finding even more ways to engage with sustainable materials. 

Creating a Sustainable Culture

We recognize that our internal culture is a direct reflection of our brand. They are one in the same. So we invest energy, time and dollars to make it great. From educational opportunities to mentorship programs to free workout and meditation classes, we are committed to our team members health, happiness and growth. As an emerging brand this pillar will continue to evolve. It's a commitment we make to our people and keep top of mind in the decisions we make every day. As our supply chain continues to evolve, we will partner with groups who share our commitment to protecting the earth in the choices they make and share common values in how they treat their people and operate their businesses.