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60 Day Challenge Tips / Mamas Edition

60 Day Challenge Tips / Mamas Edition

Hey Mama. We hear you. We see you. We feel you. 

Life as a mama can be full of many belly laughs and tickle sessions on the floor. On the other hand, it can be filled with non-stop cooking / clean-up and recurring thoughts about how you can have balance in your life. Saying life is “busy” is an understatement. While saying you feel stretched thin is rather common. So this challenge and these tips are here to make you feel like you can do this! 

We know it’s going to be hard but that is why it’s a challenge, after all! We also know, if you try these simple yet impactful tips it just might sprinkle in some empowerment, joy and physical & mental strength into your day. 

So let’s recap what we are here to do! 

  1. DIET: Choose a meal plan that you will commit to for 60 days.
    Choose a healthy meal plan that you can commit to such as Paleo, Mediterranean, or Ketogenic to name a few...and stick with it! Your meal plan is an important part in maintaining your target weight, peak performance, and optimal health. 
  2. WATER: Drink a minimum amount of water for your body.
    As a standard, most people should drink an ounce of water, per each pound of body weight. As an example, a person weighing 130 lbs. should drink 130 ounces of water per day. The best water intake is clear, unflavored water. 
  3. EXERCISE: Do any form of physical activity for at least 60 minutes a day.
    It's important to stay active whether it be yoga, walking, jogging, or HIIT.
  4. JOURNAL: Keep a gratitude journal.
    Write down ten things for which you are grateful - five in the morning and again at bedtime. 

Now for the fun part, here are some easy & digestible (pun intended) tips for moms written by moms!


Diet plays an important part in how you operate throughout the day. Have you ever noticed the difference when you eat a burger & fries vs. how you feel when you eat a salad or smoothie with protein? As a busy mom you need every ounce of energy you can get, so challenging yourself to make even a simple diet change can potentially give you more energy at the end of the day to tackle bedtime. 

  1. Don’t overthink it: If you aren’t ready to take on a full Paleo diet, start with removing something “bad” from your diet. Popular food groups to eliminate are: processed foods (chips), refined sugar (soda), or white bread (buns/tortillas).
  2. Be realistic: A Paleo diet might not work for you or your family. It also may be hard to do a specific diet for yourself if the other members of your family aren’t on board. So create a realistic diet change that will make it easy for you to accomplish. If your goal is to eliminate white bread but a go-to staple in your house is breakfast burritos, make the usual for the fam and turn your into a breakfast bowl, sans tortilla.
  3. Food Prep: Set your schedule to meal plan/food prep once a week. Pick a night after kids are in the bed and cook ahead of time so things are more in your control and you know what to expec
  4. Snack, Snack…Healthy Snack: They say your metabolism works better if you snack throughout the day. Some quick, simple & filling healthy snacks are: Apple with peanut butter, nuts & cheese, Avocado with a sprinkle of salt. We have found if you do this then you're less likely to get yourself in a pinch and end up shoving your face with chips & dip because you're starving while frantically cooking dinner.


    Water is everything to us humans! Coffee is typically everything to busy moms! Oftentimes, it is easy to prioritize coffee over water but why not do both! Yes, you may have to use the bathroom more but hey, at least you're hydrated and caffeinated! Win-Win!

    1. Chug: Set 2-3 times throughout the day where you literally chug a glass of water. Sounds silly, but trust us it gets the job done! For example, 1st thing when you wake up, at noon and after kids are in bed!
    2. Go big or go home: Get out or buy a large water bottle or tumbler. A 20oz is a good size. Make a goal to drink 6 of them a day if you are approx 130lbs. 
    3. Get technical: If you can’t stand the thought of room temperature water and prefer it cold. Get an isolated tumbler, fill it with cold water and carry it with you throughout the day.
    4. Make it a game: If you have little kids at home, suggest having a “tea party!” Kids love games and so why not do something interactive with them while helping to achieve your goal? Plus, this will get them hydrated too!


    Word of encouragement: It’s much harder to get started then to keep it going. Momentum is key. Once you put in the effort, the hardest part is over. When your body gets moving you will feel the benefits and will start to crave it rather than putting it off. We promise!

    1. Get creative: Whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, go the extra mile to build it into your schedule. For example: Do you have a call for work that you can take while walking? Or can you do emails on the peloton? If you are a stay-at-home mama, take your babe out for a stroller walk every morning. 
    2. Scheduling: Work with your partner to build out a weekly schedule. Is there a world where he/she puts the kids down while you head out for a class? Or challenge yourself to wake up an hour earlier to exercise and kickstart your day!
    3. On-demand / Virtual Classes: Don’t have time to waste on commuting. Explore on-demand classes or virtual classes while doing exercise in the comfort of your own home.


    This is a game changer for uplifting your spirit. Gratitude sets the tone of your life. It takes time just like everything does but if you choose to prioritize your happiness and everything you DO have compared to everything you DON’T have, your life becomes that much richer. 

    1. Keep it digital: Chances are you always have your phone on you everywhere you go. So start a note and do your entries there. Do it while you are waiting for your car to be serviced or as the last thing you do before bed. However, you structure it if you have it on your phone on you at all times it prevents the obstacle of having to bring a physical journal with you everywhere you go.
    2. Keep it simple: Food, water, clean air, & warmth are all part of basic necessities that we should be grateful for everyday. Yet we take them for granted most of the time. Learning to be grateful for even the simplest things can give you a greater appreciation for all the add-on’s that surround you everyday.
    3. Feel into it: Don’t just think of it as a task. Feel into what you're writing. Happy tears are encouraged.
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