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Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF): The Simple Truth and How to Protect Yourself

We are excited to find that so many women are empowering themselves by being proactive when it comes to health and wellness! More than ever, women are exploring new and inventive ways of protection against harmful environmental hazards. There are many we are faced with on a daily basis, such as, (UV Rays, poor air quality, chemical pollution, water pollution, food pesticides, and EMF radioactive contamination).

There is undisputed evidence that Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) does exist in our beloved cell phones! Unfortunately, we are very passionate about our "not-so-safe" cellular devices, and are not nearly ready to give them up anytime soon! That's perfectly fine, we are not discouraging (or recommending) that you should stop cell phone usage altogether. Knowledge is power, right? We are encouraging everyone to educate yourself - do your homework, since there are mixed reviews on this topic.

We feel it's important to provide our reader's with fact-based information. You can determine for yourself, to be proactive and safe and live out your healthiest life!

We Want to Help! Our goal is not to leave you feeling scared or more confused, as we have been studying EMF dangers (in relation to cell phones) for over a decade. We are quite knowledgeable in this space. There are safe solutions. There are ways to protect yourself. We are a company that is dedicated to cell phone safety!

What Exactly is EMF?

EMF is short for Electromagnetic Frequency (or wireless radiation). Essentially it's a continuous field created by all electrically charged devices, such as (cellphones, Wi-Fi systems, microwaves, washing machines and cars...(to name a few!). It's almost impervious that you'll come in contact with EMF daily. Home, work, travel – you’re constantly within range of any number of EMF emitting devices. 

There's a long list of devices that fill the air with EMF pollution that gives off low frequency wavelengths. These waves travel through the air at the speed of light and are both unnatural, and can be harmful overtime, as they start to break down your body’s DNA. It's evident that the closer you get to the source of EMF, the more it’s going to affect you. Doctors have reported cases where women who frequently tucked their cellphone's into their sports bras suffered from serious health problems like breast cancer.

Where is your phone most of the your back pocket? Your sports bra? Next to your head while you sleep? Be aware of where you place your phone and try to avoid direct contact when you can.

We’ve covered that EMF is not-so-great, but what does that really mean? Let’s discuss the possible negative health effects of EMF radiation.

How Will EMF Affect Me?

The range of symptoms caused by EMF exposure is quite wide. Some don’t experience noticeable symptoms while others can be extremely EMF sensitive (Electromagnetic Field Intolerance Syndrome or Electrosensitivity). 

These reactions to EMF can become more prominent after a previous sickness has left the immune system weakened. It's not only the obvious medical conditions that cause it – even allergies can trigger electrosensitivity.1

What Are The Symptoms?

Some experience mental effects, such as, brain fog, anxiety, memory loss, lack of concentration, mood swings, and irritability. Also, there are physical effects, like, headaches, painful joints, nerve inflammation, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, and fatigue. Issues with the immune system and cognitive ability are also symptoms.1

Are you wondering if you’ve experienced any of these adverse effects? Remember, it can be challenging to find the direct cause of your symptoms, so consider asking your doctor for help!

When your symptoms begin, jot down what you were doing – you might notice that they get worse when you’re close to EMF transmitting devices. Taking notes is key!

These symptoms can be frustrating and even debilitating – but one of the most concerning effects of EMF is its possible connection to cancer. Scientists are always doing studies to gain more insight. Several of these studies have pointed to a potential link between EMF radiation and types of cancer, including brain, skin, and testicular cancer.2,3

And it's connections like these that inspire us to do our part in protecting others from EMF radiation – check out our patented EMF protective Apex Sports Bra - SportPort Active.

Why Didn’t I Know About EMF?

The obvious answer is that it's invisible, we cannot see it! We can see some environmental dangers like a black plume of smog, or feel the pain of a sunburn, but you can’t see radiation!

Out of sight, out of mind… right? Wrong. In this case, you have to believe without seeing.

Surely the electronics companies with products that produce EMFs would warn us, right? Well…not all companies who design technology that emits EMF are legit! The honest truth is that they are interested in pushing their products, it's that simple! Cellular companies are required by law to share the possible side effects and warnings of using their devices. Do they share them in the most discreet way possible? Absolutely.

Surprisingly, in order for cell phone companies to exist it's imperative that they remain neutral on the topic of cell phone dangers. Of course, they are not going to talk about it!

Can I Buy EMF Protection?

You absolutely can – and you should. Specialty fabrics have been designed with the sole purpose to act as an EMF blocker. 

At SportPort, we combined protection and style in our Proprietary Cell Phone Pocket. We’re the first to create a sports bra with a pocket proven to block the harmful EMF radiation from your cell phone – lab tested and certified, backed by scientific studies, and trusted by customers for over a decade.

Our technology protects you from 99% of all EMFs – including radiation from cell phones, Wi-Fi, 5G, and bluetooth. And it lasts, too. The protective barrier lasts up to 40 washes (while most clothing only lasts 20).

Not only does it protect you from 99% of radiation, but it’s also antimicrobial, soft, lightweight, four-way stretch, and breathable. 

And you know us – we didn’t sacrifice style. Our sports bras are secretly protective. Simply unzip the front of the sports bra, slip your phone in, zip it back up, and no one will know it’s there!

Don’t believe us? Check out our sports bras and try not to fall in love

We don’t have favorites… but if we did, this would be it – our Apex Racerback Sports Bra, with EMF Protective Phone Pocket (and, of course, the stunning design), it’s hard to resist!


What is Electromagnetic Field Intolerance Syndrome?:

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