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Cheap Transportation Options to Help You Save Money and Lose Weight

Cheap Transportation Options to Help You Save Money and Lose Weight

With the high cost of gasoline, consider ditching your car for cheap and alternative transportation options. Transportation is an important part of all our lives, but luckily there are different modes that can help you save money AND lose weight. No matter who you are, you most likely spend a lot of time getting from Point A to Point B. Choosing a cheaper transportation method typically results in choosing an option that is also effective for weight loss

If you’re sick of being behind the wheel, read on to learn about four of our favorite transportation options to help you save money and lose weight!



Cheap Transportation Options: A woman with a backpack crosses the street. 
Walking is one of the healthiest and most effective modes of transportation.


One of the most basic, cheap, and healthy ways that you can get around is walking! Several studies show that walking on a regular basis can slim you down, improve your mood, decrease your blood pressure, and more! All you need is a walkable route, supportive shoes, and maybe some good tunes or an audiobook to keep you company. If you live in a walkable or urban  community, it’s relatively easy and convenient to opt for walking. Plus, you opt out of waiting in traffic or having to find parking. On the other hand if you live in a suburban area, try driving to a halfway point with a walkable route or find a “park & ride,” public transportation hub that you can add onto your commute.



Cheap Transportation Options: A woman in a jacket and pants rides a bike. 
If you want a cheap, fun, and healthy way to get around, biking is the way to go!


If you live in a city with biker-friendly roads and sidewalks, biking is another cheap and healthy way to get around. Not only is biking faster than walking, but it is also known to aid in weight loss. Studies show that people who cycle to work have lower BMIs and will gain less weight over their lifetime. Plus, biking can help you sleep better and improve your stress levels. After all, there’s a reason why the Dutch are some of the happiest people in the world! So go ahead and buy yourself an adorable commuter bike and get pedaling. Just don’t forget your helmet!


Electric Scooters 

Cheap Transportation Options: A woman and a man stand next to electric scooters and smile at the camera. 

Not only is electric scootering a super fun activity, but it is also great for strengthening your core!


Remember how much fun you had riding a scooter as a kid? Now, thanks to companies like Lime, you can grab an electric scooter to get around town! Even just a few years ago, electric scooters were unheard of when it came to getting around. Now, you can find electric scooters in nearly every city in America! Just because these scooters are electric doesn’t mean that they do all the work for you. You’ll need to engage your lower back, hips, and core muscles to stay balanced. Plus, you’ll still have to walk to get to grab a scooter from the nearest drop spot. Ultimately, you’ll get a great workout and have tons of fun at the same time.


Public Transportation

Cheap Transportation Options: A woman looks up the street towards a bus approaching a bus stop.
Research has shown that people who take public transportation get in as much daily activity as active commuters.


While public transportation isn’t traditionally thought of as a workout, there is research to suggest that people who take public transportation get as much daily activity as the bicyclists and walkers. A study from the UK found that using public transportation was just as beneficial for your health as “active commuting.” Think about it: you have to walk to get to your metro station, and then you have to walk to your destination. Those steps add up, and you may find that you’ll easily hit your 10,000 steps just by taking the train instead of your car. All aboard!
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