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How to Work Out the Stink in your Workout Clothes

With the increased sales of sportswear due to many New Year’s resolutions to get fit, we wanted to help remind our friends how best to care for your workout clothes with an extra focus on keeping the stink out of your workout clothes!

These wash & care instructions will work for your SportPort activewear as well as any other brand of sportswear. These washing instructions will help get the stink out plus help keep the form, fit and function of your workout wear.  

  • Wash your sportswear as soon as possible after your workout. The moisture left to dry can promote more bacterial growth... and more stink.
  • Pre-treat any stains. Pre-treating stains helps allow the water to work on those extra dirty areas better.
  • Turn your workout clothes inside out. Since the sweat touches the inside of your clothes first, turning them inside out will help the cleaning get to the better side.
  • Wash in cold water. Washing with cold water prevents fading and helps preserve colors along with the stretch ad fit of the gentle fibers.
  • If using your washing machine, choose the gentle cycle. Washing gently helps retain the integrity of the fiber weave and shape of your garment.
  • Rinse out soap or detergent thoroughly. Extra rinsing helps prevent build-up of detergent in the fibers which can also keep hold of the body’s oils and sweat. If your washing machine has an extra rinse cycle, use that.
  • Choose your soap or detergent wisely.  They aren’t all made the same. The chemicals of body oils and sweat are difficult to remove. One recommended laundry detergent from Consumer Reports that has been tested to better remove smells in workout clothes is Tide Plus Ultra Stain Release (see reference for more info below).
  • Don’t put your sportswear in the dryer. Air-dry helps preserve the synthetic fabrics and helps hold the shape of your workout clothes.

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