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Reflections: A Look Back On A Defining Year

Reflections: A Look Back On A Defining Year

SportPort believes in staying positive and finding the good in everything. Being cautiously optimistic - we hope our readers have found the silver lining in this COVID constrained year.

Lesson Learned in 2021

~  We are a lot stronger than we think.

Living out our best lives in today’s society can bring some uncertainty and unpredictability. Although change seems daunting, it prevents us from becoming stagnate and unenergized because with change comes growth and new opportunities. 

Remember it is only in the valleys that we grow, so take a deep breath, focus on the here and now, and know that you are always standing exactly where you are supposed to be.

~  Understanding what really matters.

Upon reflection of 2021, prioritizing values seemed to be a common thread throughout the year. The synergy of family, friends, and coworkers was beyond anyone’s expectations. This was the year of learning acceptance of others, while staying compassionate and kind during stressful times. The silver lining was learning to put things into perspective on what really matters, and letting experience be our teacher.

~  Don’t take your health for granted.

The past two years have been very important regarding the concept of our health. Realizing the fragility of our lives and living its fullness is what resonates with us, whether being physical, mental, or emotional, fitness is the foundation for the rest of your life. Be mindful of your health and self love, these are core principles that will serve you well throughout your life!

~  Practice gratitude.

Is there a more beautiful virtue than gratitude? It is a seemliness act that happens deep within us. By taking time to explore the wonders in our daily lives to truly see the essence and beauty in everything around us, we can then be full of grace and inspiration and pass this positivity along to others.

~ Comparison is the thief of joy.

Authenticity can be difficult since it means exposing the raw realness in us. It takes a conscious effort not to compare ourselves to others when we are constantly connected to the universe in every sense of the word. Comparing ourselves to others will only leave us feeling, sad, and empty which may even lead to a form of depression. There is always bigger & brighter, and prettier & richer —- by focusing on ourselves and striving to be the best that we can be, it is a lot healthier and more productive in the end.

~  Spend your time wisely.

Time is the most precious commodity there is on earth. Spending time wisely is not always an easy task since we have busy lives, commitments to fulfill, and constant deadlines to meet. Setting intentions and creating boundaries will not only be useful with time management, it will also elevate undo stress, which in return will give us purposeful meaning of time.

~  Be kind to others.

Kindness comes in many different forms, it can be as simple as calling a loved one or sending an unexpected lunch to a friend (thank you DoorDash!). Honestly, any small act of kindness will serve humanity well. We need to bring goodness into our daily lives and in return, we will receive a greater gift, which is knowing we brought joy and goodness in others lives.

 ~  Learn to live life in the slow lane.

Living through a pandemic has been a life lesson in slowing down and taking a pause. For some, practicing yoga and meditation has been a wonderful way to find inner peace and relaxation. Connecting to the calmer self is an important element of learning to slow down. Disconnecting from technology throughout the day, if only for a brief period, will be helpful in resetting our inner self. Slowing down allows us to reflect on life and make better choices as well. Stop, pause, breathe, and enjoy everyday!

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