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Why Luxury Items Made in America are Best for You

Why Luxury Items Made in America are Best for You

Made in America should be a simple descriptor of where an item comes from, but instead it means far more. There are people who consider all products made in the USA a luxury due to the craftsmanship and quality, as well as cost. The definition of luxury means the state of great comfort and extravagant living, but that may suggest it is not affordable for everyone. With more and more companies deciding to transition to domestic production, the luxury of American made products is becoming more attainable.

What Makes Made in America Products a Luxury?

  • Craftsmanship. The American way is to create superior products that perform their intended function indefinitely. Several years of research, testing, and product development were performed before Kim Highfield, CEO and owner of SportPort™, was satisfied that she had created innovative, premium quality, compression athletic apparel. That type of dedication shows in a product over time.
  • Quality control. A benefit of having production take place domestically, is the facilities can be easily monitored to ensure that products are made with precision, as intended. When management of production is seamless, there is less room for error, which means less waste of premium supplies.
  • Innovative products. Cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art fabrics and designs are all staples of unique, outside-the-box Made in America products. When designers have free creative reign, the results are limitless. SportPort™ is the first technical gear to offer 4-way compression stabilization while keeping your mobile device secure and accessible through patented technology that forms a protective barrier between your body and the EMF emissions from your phone.
  • High-end pricing. Perhaps the one detail holding consumers back from their desire to purchase domestic products is affordability. However, when you take into account the attributes of an American made product versus a cheaper alternative, the latter will rarely stack up. Major differences in quality, durability, technology, and style will clearly stand out over time. If the price of the product is instead measured by how long the product lasts, you would undoubtedly save money.

Everyone deserves luxury in life, especially when we are always striving to do more and be more, but luxury does not have to mean over the top. With Made in America products, you know where your luxury items come from, as well as can count on the dedication that has been put into them.

SportPort™ athletic wear
 relies on cutting-edge fabric technology to use only the highest quality premium compression fabrics for all garments.

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