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And There’s More: Cell Phone EMF Radiation Health Concerns for our Plants & Wildlife Too

Did you ever think that your cell phone might be more destructive than initially thought? Not only are there continued questions focused on cell phone technology disrupting human life, but, now, reports that the EMF needed for our cellular devices is possibly working to destroy Mother Nature too!

The demand for better functioning cellular devices seems to be having a worsening functioning effect on our plants and wildlife!

New reports are confirming that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from broadcast transmitters, power lines, and cell towers used for our phones, computers and other WiFi or cellular devices, pose a potential risk to plant health as well as bird, fish and insect orientation and radar systems.

Experts blame a lack of policy and research, dubbing the situation a classic case of “out of sight, out of mind.” However, just because humans can’t see EMR inundating the airwaves doesn’t mean that animals can’t feel this pollution or be significantly impacted at a cellular or neural level.

Can EMF radiation threaten our plants & animals too?

If you use any device that needs Bluetooth, WiFi, radio reception, cell phone reception, or any other type of wireless communication technology, then you need a flood of EMF for them to all function. But what many people don’t realize is that there are EMF safe-distance warnings, as noted in the fine-print of our cell phones. Yet despite the possible link between EMF and health complications, we continue to expose ourselves to EMF radiation day in and day out. In fact, many cities are in the process of adopting WiFi and 5G saturation plans that will further increase our level of EMF exposure. For example, AT&T plans to be the first provider in the U.S. to offer 5G cell service nationwide. And T-Mobile with Sprint, in a possible merger to grow business, are putting an emphasis on building out a 5G cellular network too.

Definition: EMF and EMR – An electromagnetic field, also called electromagnetic radiation, is a region in space through which energy passes that has been created by electrically charged particles.

It’s not good according to scientific studies and research on EMR.

A European Union funded review body EKLIPSE, analyzed the current studies on how electromagnetic radiation may or may not affect the environment. The research focused on biological and ecological aspects associated with invertebrates (commonly known to include many insects and some sea animals), vertebrates (commonly known to include birds, fish, reptiles and other mammals) and plants.

Researchers found that electromagnetic radiation does, in fact, pose a “credible threat” to wildlife.

Scientists are asking the United Nations to take these risks more seriously, warning that as countries switch to 5G or stronger technology influenced devices, this threat could increase even more. As current global communication systems such as 3G and 4G networks, wireless, and wired systems grow, so does the amount of radiation they produce. As a result, the EMR may disrupt the magnetic “compass” used by many migrating and navigating birds, fish and insects while negatively affecting plant growth and metabolism as well.

Experts Acknowledge More Research is Needed

More worrying than the results of the study are the massive gaps in knowledge. There haven’t been too many other studies done on EMF’s effect on wildlife, and researchers admit that’s concerning, particularly because studies that have been done point to a significant environmental risk if we continue to saturate the earth with wireless signals without knowing the full ramifications. The EKLIPSE review indicates that there is an urgent need to strengthen our scientific understanding of EMR and its potential impacts on wildlife. Specifically, scientists need to base future research on replicable, high-quality, sound experiments so that easily accessible, transparent, and credible evidence can show our society what is happening and allow our policy-makers to make better policies and decisions regarding our environment and health. Moreover, this information, including findings from the studies conducted, needs to be made available to the public.

We Can Help Make Change with Pro-Active Measures

We hope:

  • Everyone will work together to create a platform to promote more EMF research;
  • We can work to create standardize measurements for health & safety;
  • For improved methods in progress for all living things;
  • To provide more — and better — education regarding what we do know about EMF/EMR.

With all of news, is this just an overreaction by technophobes and environmentalists, or will we look back at this blind-eye approach to EMF and find that we are the unhealthy cause, in the same way we used to look at car pollution’s effect on the climate in the United States?

The only way we’ll ever truly know is by taking a deeper scientific, impartial, and intense look at the possible consequences of one of humanity’s favorite toys.

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