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In the News: Cell Phone Safety, Small Cells, Towers, Radiation & Big Impacts

You know that quote: “The more things change the more they stay the same.” It is said by many as a reference to situations where there appears to be a meaningful change, but may also be that the underlying fundamentals are still the same.

It’s April 2018 and with technological growth and advances, comes big impacts for everyone. The news about cell phone business and services is changing rapidly while personal cell phone safety information is staying the same. At the same time, the cell service business and government entities opinions on cell phone safety aren’t changing much, while science studies and individual thoughts are growing rapidly for concerns on personal health. What’s also growing is the number of cellular devices in use and the number of WiFi antennas and RF (radiofrequency) towers for the service providers.

So… what is a person supposed to do about cell phone use & safety concerns?

At SportPort™, while our company is locally owned and operated out of Charlotte, NC, many of the women on our team work remotely and across the US. We do NOT want to stop using our cell phones, we meet up regularly via our cellular devices, and we complain constantly about the poor or slow service too. And… because we are SportPort, and our womens’ sportswear line is best-known for our sports bra with the safety cell phone pocket built-in, we continually want to stay up on the news and information regarding our health and safety, along with news on cell phone safety?

Here’s a brief recap of what’s currently in the news to-date:

  1. In the Public Health news from Scientific America: New Studies Link Cell Phone Radiation with Cancer
    Some info from the article includes:
    • Researchers call for greater caution, but skeptics say the evidence from rat studies is not convincing.
    • “When turned on, cell phones and other wireless devices emit EF radiation continually, even if they are not being actively used, because they are always communicating with cell towers. The dose intensity tails off with increasing distance from the body, and reaches a maximum when the devices are used next to the head during phone calls or in front of the body during texting or tweeting.”
  2. In US & Federal News: FCC Acts to Speed Deployment of Next-Gen Wireless Infrastructure
    Stating that the new rules and actions taken by the FCC, “will reduce regulatory impediments to deploying small cells needed for 5G and help to expand the reach of 5G for faster, more reliable wireless service and other advanced wireless technologies to more Americans.”
  3. In Local News: Small Cells Popping Up Across the US Causing Concerns for Increased RF Exposure
    With the FCC’s relaxed rules on small cell deployment, these “small” cell-boosting RF power boxes used to help boost the cellular equipment services will be seen atop utility poles and in various local US neighborhoods, in an effort to improve the cellular services and call capacity along with Internet speeds for users of mobile phones and tablet computers.
    - East Coast In California: Verizon to roll out ‘small cells’ to deepen Napa cellphone coverage
    -West Coast In Maryland: Montgomery Co. residents: 5G wireless cell antennas pose health risks

Are the “small cells” a “big cell” problem for your neighborhood?

  1. In Personal News: Small Cells, Big Cells, Cancer Cells… Will They Raise More Questions & Possible Concerning Issues Regarding Cell Phone Safety?
    In this YouTube video, The Verge interviewed Jon Samet from the World Health Organization in March to help and explain the question: Do Cellphones Cause Cancer?

During the interview, Samet states, “In the 21st century United States, we have more and more devices that are emitting radio frequency electromagnetic radiation. With that rationale, it’s very reasonable to say we should find out as much as we can about this. And, even if there were a small risk, perhaps a very small risk, associated with this kind of exposure, we still have an awful lot of people exposed.”

If you are worried…

We recommend: Be pro-active and continue to consider these steps for safe cell phone use for yourself:
• Carry your phone in an EMF protective way. The SportPort™ Zephyr Sports Tank Top and all of the SportPort™ Sports Bras with Pockets feature a cell phone pocket with patented design technology that helps form a barrier between your body and radiation from your device, lessening your body’s exposure.
• Wear wired headsets or use the speaker function to make calls.
• Don’t store the phone close to your head or body.
• If your children use your device for games or videos, it can be safer to put the device in airplane mode.
• Turn your phone off when you won’t be using it and keep it a safe distance away from you.

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