Stress can manifest itself in various ways. Sleeplessness, anxiety, irritability, brain fog, weight gain, and depression can all result from elevated stress levels. Meditation can reduce the effects of stress on our bodies. There are various methods, techniques and types of meditation, but it can help to start simple and expand as you progress. Try these easy tips to incorporate meditation into your day.


  1. Find a quiet, comfortable space without interruptions.
  2. Lie down or sit in a relaxed position.
  3. Start a timer for 5 minutes.
  4. Let your breath settle to a natural rhythm.
  5. Listen to your breath and focus on your body’s response to the gentle breathing.
  6. Allow your breath to continue naturally as you focus only on this natural rhythm.
  7. If your thoughts start to wander, pull them back in to focus on your body and your breathing.
  8. When the timer sounds, end your meditation.
  9. Start with 5 minutes and increase each week until you’ve reached 15 minutes.
sportport meditation exercise for stress


Use these helpful 5-minutes or less Meditation sounds & techniques all found for free and on YouTube to help and for variation:

These are additionally all listed in our Free Online Exercise, Health & Fitness calendar of workout ideas (found and noted in blue at the end of each current month).

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October 04, 2021