SportPort is the first women’s athletic apparel company to create, design and patent a pocket that can be used to carry our cell phones safely during a run or during exercise and which helps prevent potentially harmful EMFs from penetrating our bodies. Our protective patented pocket design holds the cell phone in place securely and comfortably, so that you can wear your phone while you work out, instead of leaving it at home or accidentally behind on the gym treadmill.




The SportPort™ patented design pictured here consists of layered mesh paneling and proprietary shielding, which helps secure your cell phone in place while protecting your body from potentially harmful EMF radiation. Most everyone on the planet from small children to adults in every walk of life carry a cell phone, and we do too! What most of us don’t know is that our cell phones emit small amounts of radiation that when placed against the skin, especially the soft tissue, can be potentially harmful. We believe that our designs and patented pocket helps in a proactive way so that we can be safe and stay safe while carrying our phones.

SportPort™ Garment Fabrics & Design

We use the highest quality 4-way stretch compression fabric to help prevent problems many athletes deal with such as chafing and discomfort while active and working out. We believe that the best compression fabric designers are local to us, not overseas, which is why all of our compression products are designed and made in the USA. It is because of our passion for excellence, attention to detail and unique designs that make SportPort a brand ahead of its time. 

MADE IN USA | SportPort™ is dedicated to creating premium compression garment designs that are made in the USA. 

TECHNOLOGY | SportPort™ relies on cutting-edge fabric technology, using LYCRA® SPORT ultra-lightweight premium compression fabrics. Several years of research, development and on-athlete testing are devoted to SportPort™ compression garment designs. 

PERFORMANCE | SportPort™ premium compression garment designs are all moisture-wicking, UPF 50+, anti-odor, anti-chafe, and anti-fade guaranteeing the perfect fit, function, and comfort for dynamic movement. 

SAFETY | SportPort™ offers compression apparel with a secure and accessible pocket for phone storage. Innovative SportPort™ patented technology forms a protective barrier between your body and EMF emissions from your phone. 

STYLE | SportPort™ creates designer athletic compression and yoga sports clothing for women with fashion-forward, custom designs for all body types. 

DURABILITY | SportPort™ premium lightweight, ultra-soft, compression fabrics offer exceptional longevity. Using the highest quality technical compression fabric available, with multiple fine quality yarns to give superior performance, our fabrics have no natural stretch – instead, the spandex mix ensures specific levels of elasticity for perfectly controlled sports compression garment designs.

April 09, 2021