I wanted to show you my go-to smoothie situation. It's green, it's really good for you, it fills you up between meals + it's packed with antioxidants + vitamins for your skin + hair!! It's also super refreshing for this heat wave we've been trying not to pass out in. 

Here are the specifics on this smoothie: 

✖️ Decreases inflammation

✖️ Supports cell turnover

✖️ Builds collagen

✖️ Fights free radicals + environmental damage

✖️ Repairs damaged skin

✖️ Increases UV protection

✖️ Maintains elasticity

✖️ Hydrates + brightens from within

So what does this all translate to? 


Did I mention it's also great for your hair? It strengthens + hydrates your strands with every sip. 

It's also delish + I often crave this smoothie for a mid afternoon pick-me-up!!


So without further ado, here is my GLOWING GREEN SMOOTHIE RECIPE (make sure you pack your blender in this order):

✖️ 1.5 cup filtered water

✖️ a few big handfuls of organic greens -- romaine + spinach + kale -- whichever combo you'd like 

✖️ 1 peeled organic banana

✖️ 1 scoop protein powder (you don't have to include protein powder. I love it because it keeps me full longer)

✖️ 1 scoop collagen powder

✖️ 2 sticks of organic celery

✖️ 1/2 organic apple (green apples have less sugar)

✖️ 1/2 organic avocado 

✖️ 1/2 peeled organic lemon


If you'd like like your smoothie to be colder, add a few ice cubes. 

This recipe yields 2 full glasses. Which I love for on-the-go because I cover 1 glass + keep it in the fridge until I need it next. You can store your extra smoothie for 2 days. 


July 22, 2021