To me, summertime food means BBQ, potato salad + lemonade. And pie. Always pie. Ugh now I'm on a food tangent. BUT. What if you can make your lemonade healthy + therefore drinkable every day (instead of only on your cheat days)? 

YOU CAN. And it's still sweet, tart + DELICIOUS. I crave this lemonade in the summer + I always have a pitcher ready to go in my fridge. 

But before we get into the recipe, I have to tell you about charcoal. I'm a HUGE fan. Charcoal is the DETOX part of this recipe. Charcoal is super spongey so as soon as it hits your digestive track, it holds onto all those toxins from drinking too many vodka sodas + eating too much pizza. Here's a fun fact: Charcoal is commonly given to hospital patients with toxin exposure or drug overdoses to flush out all those toxins from their systems. But here, we just use a little charcoal, a safe amount. And don't worry - you 100% can not taste it. And it makes your lemonade black + super chic. 



✖️ ENERGY BOOSTER → when your body is rid of toxins + oxidants, it responds with more energy

✖️ HANGOVER CURE → helps your liver do its job 

✖️ FLATTER TUMMY → yes please!! eliminates bloating, as it cleanses your intestines + colon

✖️ DETOX → charcoal detoxes faster + more powerfully than fruits, veggies, green tea + flax seeds


✖️ Because charcoal is such a strong detox, ONLY DRINK ONE LEMONADE EACH DAY. NO MORE.

✖️ Charcoal can't tell the difference between toxins + prescription medicine. Do not use charcoal if you're taking prescription medicine or other supplements that keep you healthy. 

✖️ Drink charcoal on an empty stomach.

✖️ You must drink at least 2 liters of water, in addition to your lemonade. This actually flushes out those toxins after they're bound by the charcoal. Making more trips than usual to the bathroom that day is exactly what you want!



✖️ 2 tbsp Schizandu Acitvated Coconut Charcoal

✖️ 6 tbsp Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 

✖️ Juice of 12 Organic Lemons (see below for my fave lemon press - it'll change your kitchen life)

✖️ 3-4 droppers full of Organic Liquid Stevia

✖️ 4-6 tbsp Organic Chia Seeds 

✖️ 6-8 cups Water (depending on how strong you want your lemonade - I usually do 6 cups)


ACV (apple cider vinegar) is incredible for your body - breaks down fat, reduces inflammation, regulates Ph balance. All the things.

And those chia seeds will keep you full in between your meals. It's an old modeling trick :)


I hope you babes enjoy this recipe!! I love sharing things like this because knowledge is power + I want you to feel good + have energy to slay your goals. Plus I'm a major foodie + am tweeking recipes all the time to be less naughty. So if there's any other food or drinks you're curious about, please let me know! 


July 22, 2021