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Top 5 Companies: High Performance Fitness Gear Made in the USA

The benefits of buying Made in the USA fitness gear reward you in more ways than one.

It may seem unlikely that you can affordably meet all your high performance fitness gear needs by shopping American made, but it can be done and you will save money in the long run.

Top 5 Companies: Fitness Gear Made in the USA

Do you want to throw your money away on a product that saves you a few bucks, but doesn’t last and you have no idea where it came from? Probably not. Try these awesome "made in the USA" products to help yourself commit to making conscientious shopping choices.
  1. SportPort innovative, technical & functional women's sportswear was designed with the female athlete in mind. The women's athletic tops feature ultra lightweight technical knit fabrics and most include an interior cell phone pocket with patented technology designed to form a protective barrier between your body and EMF emissions of your phone. Our favorite, the Apex sports bra with pocket is fashionable, comfortable and functional, as well as protective, which means you can work-out safely!
  2. New Balance is committed to making their products in the USA, manufacturing around 4 million pairs of sneakers here per year. The shoes are comfortable, affordable, durable, and consistent. We love it when we find a good pair of running shoes that we can stock up on. Long runs are light and bouncy with the Vazee Rush.
  3. Hammer Nutrition provides tasty energy options for endurance athletes. Hammer Bars are gluten-free, vegan certified, MSG free, kosher, organic, and include no simple sugars. It’s always important to know where your food comes from!
  4. Pro Compression socks and leg sleeves are the athlete’s ultimate tool for performance and enhanced recovery. Science backs the quality of their product, but fun colors and a comfortable fit make the compression sock unique and therapeutic. We like to wear compression socks on long runs and love the Powder Blue Long Socks.
  5. Hüma energy gels are some of the best we’ve tried and don’t make us sick to our stomach while running. They are not overly sweet and are made with pureed fruit and chia seeds for lasting, all-natural energy. Our favorite so far: Raspberry!
If you feel like you aren’t getting value from the fitness gear you’re purchasing, consider what you’re buying and where it’s coming from. Don’t shop on autopilot, instead focus on your responsibility as a consumer to discover what will be worth spending money on and is Made in the USA.
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