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Why New Year Resolutions Don’t Work

According to an interview with Business Insider and psychotherapist, Jonathan Alpert, there are three common reasons that New Year’s Resolutions end in failure!

  1. “Your resolution isn’t specific enough.”

Lots of resolutions go something like, “I want to get in shape” or “I want to lose weight” rather than “I am going to train for a 5k and run it at the end of the month.” or “I’m going to lose 10 lbs in 8 weeks.” Set a goal and be specific.

  1. “You aren’t framing them positively.”

It is very common to say, “for my resolution, I don’t want to eat junk food” rather than say, “for my resolution, I am going to eat healthier snacks.” Being positive is an important part of how you speak to yourself!

  1. “Your resolution isn’t about you.”

No matter who you are, it is hard to not want to people-please or try to act the way you think others want you to. Instead of making your resolution something you think people want you to do, decide to really focus on yourself. Do you want to lose weight because you think you need to? Or, is it because you think people look at you in a certain way? Self-care and self-love are important to being successful in anything, especially resolutions or goals.

Make 2020 specific, positive and, above all, about you. You deserve it!

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