Teal Jackson - SportPort Partner

Teal Jackson is a powerful voice and advocate for positive body image and healthy lifestyle. As Teal has shared, "I would like to change the way people, especially young women, view their bodies by promoting a healthy lifestyle and helping others understand that everyone is built differently and that health comes in all shapes and sizes."

Teal wants to teach people how to be comfortable in their own skin and show people how to live a well rounded healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. As a lifelong athlete, Teal emphasizes the importance of investing in your own health and well being because once you conquer that, that's when you can really start to become the best version of yourself, and from where you can truly help others as well.

Teal continues by sharing, "I want to be a role model because I grew up in a very homogenous east coast town and remember being told that how I looked wasn’t good enough. Not only because of the color of my skin but my athletic body type as well. I grew up very insecure because of this false sense of beauty. Because of this I think it’s important to have more representation and I want to be able to show others that by being healthy and confident in yourself you’ll discover your personal gifts and unique qualities that make you beautiful."