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What Do Female Runners Carry to Stay Safe

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Water bottle, sun glasses, keys, ID… check! What about safety items? Being women and runners, most of us don’t leave the house without thinking about safety. Many tell us that we shouldn’t consider running alone either. It is true that there can be safety in numbers. No matter how you plan your run, being smart and prepared is always a good thing!

How do you prepare? What do you carry with you on a run to stay safe?

A Runner’s World survey decided to ask. What came to light was that from 2,542 female runners surveyed, 43% women reported being harassed at some point during a run, while 3% reported being assaulted. The most commonly carried safety items these women carried included; pepper spray, whistles, knives and, most of all, women carried their cell phones. Perhaps feeling that being a dial or APP away from help is the safest option – we definitely agree!

The statistics reported the following on what women carried to stay safe on a run:


  • 85% sometimes or always carry a Cell Phone
  • 21% sometimes or always carry Pepper Spray
  • 7% sometimes or always carry a Whistle
  • 5% sometimes or always carry a Knife

How are women carrying these safety items? Snuggly placed in a pocket or sports bra sound familiar? Or the waistband of your sport shorts or leggings to keep things in place? Even handheld, these items can become a dropping hazard or safety risk. When the stored item is a cell phone, there is even the concern of having it too close to the body, due to the potentially harmful electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF) the cell phone can let pass through to the body.

SportPort™ addresses this health risk along with offering a secure place to store all sorts of safety gear. The exclusive Sports Bras and Bra-Tank Tops include the first ever cell phone pocket with added EMF protection to keep the cell phone secure and easily accessible, or offer a secure space for carrying other safety gear, making it a smart and safe choice for female runners everywhere. The 4-way stretch netting of the pocket is spacious enough for additional personal items, such as a house key, credit card or tissues, as an example. Further activewear storage pockets are an option with our Workout Pants with Cargo Pockets. At SportPort, we know that safe, secure storage for personal items is a smart choice for women runners!

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