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PRESS RELEASE: New SportPort™ Activewear Protects from Harmful Cell Phone Radiation

Charlotte, NCSportPort™ Activewear announces the launch of its new line of sport bras and activewear specially designed and proven to shield women from radio frequency emissions that could damage the body and lead to cancer. SportPort products are now available online at

SportPort founder, Kim Highfield, was inspired to create her protective activewear after watching her mother suffer from breast cancer. Motivated to do more to protect her own health, Highfield was concerned that cell phone radiation could negatively affect her healthy, active lifestyle. “Cell phones are an integral part of our lives,” Highfield says. “I worked to develop products to keep women connected while they work out but also protect them from the potentially damaging electromagnetic radiation these devices are known to emit.”

SportPort’s patented shielding mechanism is built into every garment, providing a secure pocket that keeps cell phones stationary and accessible while preventing the body from absorbing their emissions. Testing at an accredited laboratory showed that SportPort dramatically reduced the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) proving that radiation is effectively blocked. In fact, the SAR with SportPort was 0.05 W/kg compared to a SAR of 1.84 W/kg without SportPort. The SportPort SAR reflects a 97% reduction in the amount of radiation absorbed and is well below the FCC’s recommended safe SAR rating of 1.6 W/kg.

In addition to providing substantial protection from cell phone emissions, Highfield’s new line of SportPort activewear also addresses the many other performance requirements athletic women demand. Bras, tanks, and other styles are colorful, lightweight, and stylish and offer UV protection, wicking, form fitting compression, and many other benefits.

Wear tests with real women have resulted in praise for the product. Says Colleen Graves of Metro Fitness, “My SportPort bra is the best bra I have ever owned. It keeps everything stable without pinching or chafing. I need access to my phone so I’ve always placed it in my bra while working out even though I knew that wasn’t smart. Now that I have SportPort with its secure, protective phone pocket, my workouts are more productive and I stay connected more safely.”

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2015 and in honor of Highfield’s mother, SportPort will donate 10% of October’s proceeds to the Cancer Research Institute.

More about SportPort™

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, SportPort’s core passion is enabling athletes to pursue an active, healthy lifestyle. SportPort creator, Kim Highfield, spent years researching, designing, and testing the patented, protective SportPort cell phone shield pocket that is featured in fashionable sport bras, tanks, and other activewear products. Other critical performance benefits, like UV protection, wicking, and compression, are also incorporated into the technical fabrics from which SportPort products are made. A dedicated athlete herself, Highfield extensively tests her products with other athletes to ensure they perform as expected and improve the well-being of the users. Connect with SportPort on Facebook, on Twitter @sportportactive, on Instagram, and on Pinterest.

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