PRESS RELEASE: New SportPort™ Activewear Protects from Harmful Cell Phone Radiation

Charlotte, NCSportPort™ Activewear announces the launch of its new line of sport bras and activewear specially designed and proven to shield women from radio frequency emissions that could damage the body and lead to cancer. SportPort products are now available online at

SportPort founder, Kim Highfield, was inspired to create her protective activewear after watching her mother suffer from breast cancer. Motivated to do more to protect her own health, Highfield was concerned that cell phone radiation could negatively affect her healthy, active lifestyle. “Cell phones are an integral part of our lives,” Highfield says. “I worked to develop products to keep women connected while they work out but also protect them from the potentially damaging electromagnetic radiation these devices are known to emit.”

SportPort’s patented shielding mechanism is built into every garment, providing a secure pocket that keeps cell phones stationary and accessible while preventing the body from absorbing their emissions. Testing at an accredited laboratory showed that SportPort dramatically reduced the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) proving that radiation is effectively blocked. In fact, the SAR with SportPort was 0.05 W/kg compared to a SAR of 1.84 W/kg without SportPort. The SportPort SAR reflects a 97% reduction in the amount of radiation absorbed and is well below the FCC’s recommended safe SAR rating of 1.6 W/kg.

In addition to providing substantial protection from cell phone emissions, Highfield’s new line of SportPort activewear also addresses the many other performance requirements athletic women demand. Bras, tanks, and other styles are colorful, lightweight, and stylish and offer UV protection, wicking, form fitting compression, and many other benefits.

Wear tests with real women have resulted in praise for the product. Says Colleen Graves of Metro Fitness, “My SportPort bra is the best bra I have ever owned. It keeps everything stable without pinching or chafing. I need access to my phone so I’ve always placed it in my bra while working out even though I knew that wasn’t smart. Now that I have SportPort with its secure, protective phone pocket, my workouts are more productive and I stay connected more safely.”

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2015 and in honor of Highfield’s mother, SportPort will donate 10% of October’s proceeds to the Cancer Research Institute.

More about SportPort™

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, SportPort’s core passion is enabling athletes to pursue an active, healthy lifestyle. SportPort creator, Kim Highfield, spent years researching, designing, and testing the patented, protective SportPort cell phone shield pocket that is featured in fashionable sport bras, tanks, and other activewear products. Other critical performance benefits, like UV protection, wicking, and compression, are also incorporated into the technical fabrics from which SportPort products are made. A dedicated athlete herself, Highfield extensively tests her products with other athletes to ensure they perform as expected and improve the well-being of the users. Connect with SportPort on Facebook, on Twitter @sportportactive, on Instagram, and on Pinterest.

SPORTPORT ACTIVE: Your lifestyle is a go.

Cell Phone Towers on the Rise: Do We Need to Know More About RF Exposure?

SportPort™ Activewear continues its research and news reporting around the health and safety for active people who regularly carry around and use their phones close to their bodies. This week’s news release focuses on the growing concerns and continuous rise of cell phone towers across the US, in our neighborhoods, backyards, schools, church grounds, and elsewhere.

Did you know, according to GSMA Intelligence, there are now more cellphones in use in the U.S. than there are people? To keep up with the ever-increasing demand for coverage, cell phone towers are sprouting up like weeds — by churches, schools and even in homeowners’ yards. The towers, sometimes affixed onto existing structures and other times freestanding, are nearly everywhere. So, should you be concerned about that new cell phone tower in your neighbor’s backyard or community? Will they help or cause us more harm than good? Will they expand the healthy limits of EMF and RF exposure around us or help us by boosting the demands needed for more and better cell phone service?

Cell Phone Towers: A Real Health Risk or a Chip Off the Tinfoil Hat?

Since the dawn of the cell phone era, worries about electromagnetic frequency (EMF) and RF (higher frequency EMF) radiation concerns have persisted. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people today are exposed to 100-million times more electromagnetic radiation than their grandparents’ generations! Still, decades of scientific research have yet to establish a solid connection between health issues, RF exposure limits, cell phone use and cell phone towers needed to transmit and boost the power needed for our phones. The idea behind cell phone use, cell phone towers and RF radiation are now, more than ever, a much-discussed controversy.

Is there a hazard or potential risk of cancer in humans who are exposed to RF fields?

According to some studies, your risk may depend on how close you are to strong RF (radio wave frequency) fields. Thus, the question may be in how close you live, work or play near the rising cell phone towers. After all, according to the EWG (Environmental Working Group), you may be more likely to be closely exposed to RF if you hold a cell phone against your head and ear or in your bra or pocket versus standing outside in the nearby vicinity of a cell tower.

While information on RF exposure from these towers may seem small or of no concern, many of those concerned seem to feel that it may be more appropriate to be more cautious and better understand what risks, if any, there might be for us.

Why the Sudden Boost for More Cell Phone Towers?

So, who is supporting the boost in construction of these cell phone towers if they could potentially be detrimental to our health?

More and more school districts, local churches and neighborhood homeowners are turning to an unlikely source of revenue: cell towers. Especially with school budgets declining across the country, local districts are beginning to form partnerships with cell phone providers and telecom giants such as Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T. These agreements are formed out of the idea that the schools and other property owners will grant telecom companies access to their land in exchange for a portion of their profits thus providing a public service by expanding wireless coverage and giving money back to everyone.

Sounds like everyone wins, right? Maybe, maybe not.

As enticing as these arrangements are for both parties, they are not without controversy. A growing number of parents and locals are expressing concerns about the schools and churches “selling out” to these companies, citing studies that indicate a relationship between radiation and health complications for their kids and the neighboring community.

U.S. vs Overseas: How European Countries Are Handling the RF Controversy

According to several European countries, these RF studies do, in fact, hold weight, and they’re taking preemptive measures to protect their citizens. The French National Agency for Radio Frequencies, the ANFR, recently updated their website to offer a huge database to the public of information regarding SAR (specific absorption rate) values associated with almost 400 different brands, styles and types of cell phones used by people globally.

What about cell phone towers?

While not banned entirely, other countries have stricter guidelines in place than the U.S. that prevent companies from installing cell towers within a certain distance from schools, typically mandating a barrier of at least 1,500 feet. Since our mobile device use has increased so rapidly, the growing concern over RF use is founded in the “what if,” and certain European countries are taking action with a “better safe than sorry” approach.

Countries such as Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Israel, Russia and China have set RF exposure limits 100 to 10,000 times less than the USA, and are already recognizing the possible biological effects from wireless and RF radiation.

Communities Are Fighting Back Against Emerging Cell Phone Towers

Although U.S. government agencies such as the FCC, Federal Communications Commission, say there is little to be worried about in regards to new cell phone towers, others beg to differ and argue that Europe is on the right track.

Neighborhoods across the country — and even overseas — are joining forces to protest the construction of cell phone towers. These communities, local officials and organizations have one mission: to control or stop construction of cell towers on church grounds, on school land and in their backyards. Their motivation is driven not only by the significant negative impact that radiation could have on their communities, but also about news and studies suggesting possible harm to babies, pregnant women, their unborn children and senior citizens. There are other concerns as well, including worries about the possibility of property devaluation, the visual impact on the land and anxiety that their children might get hurt while playing near the towers.

Keep in mind that the first cell phone was invented in 1973, but it wasn’t until the mid- to late-1980s (or even the early 1990s) that it became popular. If it does, in fact, take decades for the effects of possible carcinogen exposure to take effect, we could only be on the cusp of determining just how cell phones and towers are taking a toll on not only our bodies but on our children’s bodies as well.

Do You Know Your Cell Phone Safe Distance?

Concern isn’t simply for the towers, but also in pro-active business owners working to come up with innovative solutions for this growing issue. One such concerned citizen, parent, and active cell phone user, Kim Highfield said that she became an entrepreneur, with her innovative small-business SportPort™, specifically so that she could undertake the pro-active task of creating a better, more protective line of sportswear clothing. She built her company specifically for herself and others concerned about their health and safety and who rely on their cell phones being with them and close to their bodies during exercise and workouts. Her concern for the public’s health had her focused on learning and gathering as much information as she could about cell phone radiation, cell phone safe distances from the body, and possible links to health issues and cancer illnesses.

Not wanting to stop using her cell phone and still complaining regularly about bad cell service, she stated, “if I want to and am going to actively keep using my smart phone, I’d like to be smarter about how I do that.” Simply put, it is in the best interest of the consumer to better understand the possible health risks around cell phones, cell phone towers and RF factors so that better decisions can be made on how, when and where we live with this.

She continues to say, “We know the technology needs will continue to grow and evolve but we don’t want to be wrong about business and community decisions today at the risk of our health or the health of our kids years from now.”

Knowledge is POWER!

So, while some studies say one thing and other studies may say the opposite, right now, we believe that additional studies are much-needed to determine the safety and effects of cell phones near our bodies and cell phone towers in our communities. While it’s nice to imagine that the debate is pointless and that no one is at risk from higher-powered cell towers, analyzing research from both sides has yet to yield a safe and conclusive answer.

Whether you fear that radiation will have severe health consequences for you and your loved ones or you vehemently oppose yet another unsightly tower with its hundreds of miles of hanging wires in your own backyard, we believe that the old adage holds true:

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Survival During Covid-19: An Interview with American-Made SportPort Activewear Company

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From its beginning and knowing the costs to do business would be higher than for other competitive brands, SportPort™ has always kept its design and manufacturing of sportswear products Made-in-the-USA. Quality, control and support has always been important to Kim Highfield, the owner and CEO of SportPort.

When Covid-19 hit and businesses closed and many lost their jobs, the sportswear industry took a big hit financially. Kim made a very conscious and active decision to be different from the others. She would keep paying her employees and find ways to keep the internal business going as best and as safely as she could while everyone awaited, and still awaits, any kind of normal reopening and even if external sales might go to nothing.

This is our interview with her to discover how her small-business has been surviving during the unprecedented times of Covid-19.

Interview date: May 20, 2020

Q: We know that SportPort is small women’s activewear company based in North Carolina. Can you tell us a little bit about what your company did at the beginning of the entry of Covid-19 to the US?

Kim: While SportPort has its goal to sell our sportswear, health and safety plays a major role in why we exist at all. Our marketers and researchers are really good at being on top of health and safety-related news and so they were able to alert us to the severity of what was coming to the US and even before any of the States closed businesses or issued stay-at-home orders.

Q: So what did you do or how did you set up shop at home for your business and employees?

Kim: When I first started my sportswear company, I wanted two things to happen, one was to manufacture and sell our products only in the United States. To me that meant creating a work team that was also USA-based. The other thing was to find really good people to work with me, experts in their fields, and not only look within my own State of North Carolina. So, our SportPort team is actually found in many locations East to West coast of the USA.  It has allowed me the opportunity to create a truly expert group of individuals working for me and for the business.

Q: We know that the Coronavirus caused a huge financial blow to many. Especially affecting consumers and how they are buying during these times. Can you tell us more about those affects in the sportswear vertical?

Kim: Oh yes, the virus affected every sportswear brand at every level, big or small, well-known or not, US-based or globally. While we know many of our customers have been living in their yoga pants since day one, they simply stopped buying new ones. Everyone seemed to stop spending on clothing and that’s still continuing at present. We were doing the same. Our team is comprised of women-only and we all love shopping but, every single one of us stopped buying new clothes ourselves. We believe its temporary but expected. It wasn’t a shock to see our sales go down drastically as we expected it.

Q: So, how is your business sustainable during these current times?

Kim: Having a strong team is key to any company’s success, especially during this time. And our responsive reaction to Covid-19 is just another example of this. Since the virus hit America, we have been pivoting and changing our business strategy to weather the storm. We have several virtual meetings per day, seven days a week, to discuss how and what we should do to keep the business going and pivot as needed. We also decided to reduce pricing to wholesale because we wanted to make things manageable price-wise as best we could.

Q: What was your pivoting strategy?

Kim: We have been good at always addressing our core and looking at what people have found helpful from our business.  We have survived because we go beyond a focus on sales and have always looked to offering information of interest and importance around health and wellness for women. Not only will you see our Blog posts with truly current news, but also with up-to-date ideas for health and exercise routines that people want now and use now and actually find useful.

One of the things we noticed early on during the Covid-19 stay-at-home requirements is that so many were turning to virtual live or YouTube exercise routines to help stay in shape. Even for us, we noticed a problem and that was finding fun, interesting or specific sport-related online at-home training options, especially if you had no equipment. With our team alone, we have competitive runners, avid gym-goers, yoga fanatics, a world champion fencer, and a new mom complaining about her post pregnancy body. So, we created a clever all-in-one-place calendar where anyone with any ability or interest could more easily see and find a variety of exercise routines, including basic core or upper and lower body exercise sessions, Tai-Chi, mindful Meditation focused ones, fun and funky dance routines, HIIT routines. And our calendar setup is much easier to scan through than individual searches on YouTube or trying to find who or when a next Live event was taking place in your own time zone. We also focused on finding full routines of various lengths and only free ones too. It’s been tremendously useful and used and shared by many. For us, it’s helped with substantial growth in our Brand Awareness.

Finding and giving information that is useful and we need too has helped other women around our brand to participate with our brand. We love it when we are all engaged!

Q: Was it just focusing on looking what people needed for new information or is there anything else you are doing now too?

Kim: The other aspect that has brought us the most in actual sales during this time is that so many more people located in the United States are wanting to now buy from USA suppliers and manufacturers. It seems to be a trust issue along with knowing that their product doesn’t have to travel far or through a lot of different hands.

We have always been hugely supportive of USA-made and kept our focus that way because of overall quality, control and higher standards but it’s been more apparent to us that others appreciate that support from us too and now, more than ever. This has served as a strong reminder as to why we don’t want to move things to a farther or cheaper place for our manufacturing.

fitness wear made in the USA

 Q: Good point. Has anything changed as far as how your warehouse runs or your shipping process?

Kim: Our warehouse is locally run and operated, so we are always talking to them about conditions for safety and processing. We are working with things now to consider changing how we have packaged and stored our products before Covid. We are reviewing antimicrobial packaging options for our new products. Things continue to change and we aren’t afraid of change. So, expect there’s more to come in what we are doing and planning to do at SportPort. 

Q: Good to know. Are there any other things going on at SportPort that you can share with us now?

Kim: Well, a couple of things. We are continuing to expand our line of athletic wear with the inclusion of our patented phone pocket designed into not only our sportswear bras and tank tops but in our leggings and yoga pants and also preparing to come out with a fitted athletic jacket that will have our EMF protective phone pockets too. And, to go with your sportswear, we are about to release matching neck gaiters and buffs to help with any State-wide mask requirements we might have for a while. Those are all coming soon!

Q: Thank you for your time today in answering how you are surviving the times. Where can we get more information about SportPort?

Kim: Of course on our website at You can contact us from there or off our social media sites too. We love to hear from our customers and happy to help you find or fit into what you need. We’ll answer any questions you have.

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PRESS RELEASE: See How SportPort Can Protect You Against Cancer

See How SportPort Can Protect You Against Cancer on Moving America Forward Hosted By William Shatner

Kim Highfield CEO and Founder of SportPort™, honored on Moving America Forward for arming athletes with the power of prevention with her revolutionary fashionable activewear.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Feb. 4, 2017 – PRLog — “Moving America Forward“, a National Television Show hosted by William Shatner is excited to announce the appearance of Kim Highfield the founder of SportPort™. Highfield was interviewed at the Los Angeles “Moving America Forward” news studio by William Shatner and Doug Llewelyn, to talk about SportPort™, a patented technical gear and high performance compression clothing for women that creates a protective barrier between your body and harmful EMF radiation created by your phone that can lead to cancer.

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, and made in the US, SportPort’s core passion is enabling athletes to pursue an active, healthy lifestyle. Highfield had lost both of her parents to cancer, life events that caused her to live a healthy and active life. While working out Highfield found she had nowhere to put her phone, so she would tuck it into her sports bra. After a while, she started hearing about the dangers of keeping her phone so close to her body. Many cell phone manufacturers have actually even placed a warning in their manuals, stating that direct contact with skin should be avoided. After a few years of research and design, Highfield received a patent for the protective material in the pocket in 2015, just before the company’s launch. Since then SportPort’s line of sport bras and activewear specially designed and proven to shield women from radio frequency emissions has taken off.

Highfield was featured on “Moving America Forward “, a national newsmagazine style show with William Shatner and Doug Llewelyn that provides viewers with insights into innovative companies. Her interview can be seen below.

Kim Highfield was presented the prestigious Moving America Forward Award for helping to keep America safe by protecting women from harmful EMF radiation created by cell phones. This award is given to innovative entrepreneurs that have distinguished themselves in their industry and, as a result, are "Moving America Forward".

Real Leaders Magazine: Features SportPort Founder Kim Highfield

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We are excited to have SportPort mentioned in an article in the current Winter 2019 edition of Real Leaders Magazine written by Chris Davis and featuring an interview with Kim Highfield who describes how the SportPort brand was made. We appreciate that Real Leaders finds that SportPort fits to #InspireTheFuture”!

real leaders mindfulness - sportport kim highfield

Entrepreneurs Changing Lives for the Better

Turning Passion into a Lifesaving Patent

kim highfield wearing sportport athletic wear

Kim Highfield is a lifelong entrepreneur and founder of SportPort -  a producer of women’s athletic apparel. After becoming aware of the potential dangers of cellphone radiation, she developed a patent for protective pockets in clothing that blocks electric and magnetic fields (EMF). Her technology recently went national and proves that intelligent design, paired with women’s health, can be profitable.

kim highfield anything I set out to achieve comes from the heart Highfield first learned to be an entrepreneur at six-years-old dancing at family events. “Dad paid me a quarter per dance because I was good at imitating Shirley Temple,” she recalls. “It was my first lesson in business - don’t be afraid to put yourself out there if you feel you have something to share.”

As proprietor of women’s athletic apparel company SportPort, Highfield is now scaling operations based on her patent for EMF-resistant clothing design and her original patterns and florals. She spent nearly a decade in personal study and two years in formal R&D to create the first EMF-resistant SportPort bra.

“Entrepreneurs face intense obstacles every day and adaptability is key to success,” Highfield notes. “I don’t have a fashion or legal degree. I was successful in the world of design and patent processing because of my passion to conduct my own research, based on ideas that I believed in.”

Family has played a pivotal role in Highfield’s drive, in both her personal and professional life. “I began researching everything around cellphone radiation after my mother got cancer,” Highfield recounts. “I believe in actively pursuing knowledge around a problem to help solve it – we should adopt this same attitude in business. During the time of my mother’s illness, I also studied pediatric psychology to understand the issues and organize programs for my sons, both of whom were diagnosed with learning disabilities. Through these efforts I was able to help raise their IQs by 15 points to an above-average range. It was something the doctors didn’t think possible.”

Highfield’s passion for unearthing solutions and strong desire to succeed (she’s also a former athlete) has translated into business success and innovation. Her concern for the health of athletes exposing themselves to prolonged periods of cellphone use inspired an idea. She used her years of visual arts training and collaborated with some of the industry’s top artisans, patterners, and compressors to create a lifesaving garment.

“When I started to become aware of the risks cellphones pose when placed against the body, especially soft tissue, I realized a true need in women’s athletic apparel that was lacking – a cellphone pocket that would function for both convenience and also protect our bodies from harmful EMF radiation.

“I’ve been able to share a room with industry leaders because I’m not afraid to experiment in new directions,” she continues. “My passion for new ideas has always translated into long hours of research around those ideas, so I come to the table equipped with data, professional opinion, and most importantly, direction.”

For Highfield, the road from passion to patent is paved with preparation. “It’s important to have the passion to get you through those down times,” she concludes. “My need to find a safe solution for women who exercise and carry their cellphone is why SportPort exists today.”

real leaders magazine winter 2019 featuring sportport

To order your hardcopy or subscribe to the magazine online, go here:

Charlotte Business Journal Interviews SportPort CEO, Kim Highfield

Whether on a national or local scale, Kim Highfield, CEO & Founder of SportPort™, is always happy to share her company story, and was particularly pleased to be interviewed by the Charlotte Business Journal recently. As the Charlotteans’ leading resource for business news, the Charlotte Business Journal is notable for featuring top stories for their readers.

Charlotte Business Journal Interviews SportPort CEO & Founder, Kim Highfield

“Highfield lost both of her parents to cancer — life events that caused her to live a healthy and active life. But Highfield found she had nowhere to put her phone while working out, so she would tuck it into her sports bra. After a while, she started hearing about the dangers of keeping her phone so close to her body. She started researching cell phone radiation and found a need for activewear with protective pockets for phones.“I knew there was a need for the pocket,” Highfield says. “I knew athletes needed a place to put their cell phones.”After a few years of research and design, Highfield received a patent for the protective material in the pocket in 2015, just before the company’s launch. She has spent much of the last year building her inventory and spreading the word about her e-commerce site.” (Hilary Burns, Charlotte Business Journal, October 19, 2016) Read Full Article at Charlotte Business Journal

While Kim Highfield’s entrepreneurial spirit comes through in her innovative products, her zest for fashion and design is just as apparent, as displayed in her most recent collection. The Hibiscus Collection features custom hand-painted artistry digitized onto premium technical compression fabric, providing athletes with high quality compression apparel that is both functional and fashionable. The collection includes the Hibiscus Compression Cargo Capris, Hibiscus Apex Sports Bra in Black, Hibiscus Apex Sports Bra in Red, Hibiscus Compression Shorts, Long-Sleeve Tech V Tops, and Shrugs.

Many thanks to the Charlotte Business Journal for sharing the SportPort company story of our local Charlottean, Kim Highfield.

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Pregnancy & Cell Phone Use: Is There Cause for Concern?

November 08, 2017 — Researchers have only recently begun to study the possible effects of radio waves and electromagnetic frequency from cell phones on fetuses. Kim Highfield, CEO of SportPort™ and activist for the health and safety of cell phone use, was asked to contribute her thoughts on the recent news and media suggesting that women have nothing to worry about when it comes to using their cell phone while pregnant.

During your pregnancy, your baby isn’t quite attached to your hip just yet (that will start very, very soon), but something else may be — your cell phone. You use it to text, talk, get directions to birth classes, make doctor’s appointments, jot down must-haves for your hospital bag, track mom & baby changes, research baby products and more. But, does all of this cell phone usage affect your growing baby?

Researchers have only recently begun to study the possible effects of radio waves from cell phones on fetuses, and for the most part, the work has been largely inconclusive. However, a recent study conducted by the Norwegian Institute of Technology has the media stating that mothers don’t have anything to worry about. But is this really the case? To some, it sounds too good to be true.

RF/EMF: Why the Worrying Over Wireless?

Today, cell phones are used for more than just to stay in touch with family and friends. In this technology-driven world, cell phones become a daily part of our lives as we use them for research, to do our work, and keep track of what is happening in our lives and communities. Add in tablets, laptops, and other portable, wireless and bluetooth devices that are used to communicate with one another, and your body is bombarded with electromagnetic radio waves (RF/EMF) day in and day out while helping to make these devices work – with a fraction of which actually passes into your body. These radio waves, in high enough quantities, may cause heat increases, alter the arrangement of molecules that are found in living cells and damage DNA. But whether exposure to EMF has any long-term effects on a mother’s or child’s health has yet to be determined.

Children’s Health: What Does the Research Say?

Since the energy passing through cell phones seems to be somewhere between the two extremes of granite and X-rays, some scientists have questioned whether EMF waves could affect a growing baby whose fast-replicating cells are especially vulnerable to outside disturbances. Until recently, the few studies conducted in this area hadn’t found anything of concern in terms of everyday cell phone use during pregnancy.

In September 2017, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health released findings from an observational questionnaire study, referred to as “MoBa”, in which researchers looked at the cell phone use of pregnant mothers and followed up by checking self-reported questionnaires from the mothers to determine the neurodevelopment, language and motor skill development, of their children at ages 3 and 5. The questionnaire study findings claim that mothers-to-be are “good to go” and have no reason to worry about harming their unborn children by using cell phones.

Researchers stated, “Even though this is an observational study, our findings do not support the hypothesis of adverse effects on child’s language, communication and motor skills due to the use of mobile phone during pregnancy.” To clarify, the study was an observational, questionnaire only, external look at what might be happening to the brain or central nervous system of children, and not an internal, medical study, testing or analysis of cell growth in the brain or body or possible existence of cell mutations that might be associated with excessive EMF or cell phone use and possible future cancer-related issues or other health complexities.

In other words, the study was too vague and not focused enough on science/medicine to be able to determine, definitively, that pregnant moms are “good to go” when it comes to using cell phones. The study, however beneficial, is only one tiny look into the effects that cell phone use might or might not have on a child. There is still a lot in question, along with uncertainty, surrounding EMF, cell phone use and pregnancy. A lot more studying and research is believed to be necessary before telling mothers that using their cell phones won’t hurt their babies.

Cell Phone Safety: What Can You Do?

Most healthcare providers are in agreement that the limited amount of research done on cell phone use during pregnancy has not yielded any definite conclusions one way or another. Therefore, they simply cannot recommend either way that mothers-to-be make any significant lifestyle changes when it comes to browsing the web, texting, and talking on cell phones, and many providers — and pregnant women — just assume all is well. According to the World Health Organization, “To date, no adverse health effects have been established as being caused by mobile phone use.” But just because one or two studies haven’t found a link yet doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist, right?

Expectant mothers may wish to take extra precautions to ease their worries. After all, we can’t say for sure whether EMF from phones is truly harmful… yet. Some suggestions for limiting exposure include keeping your cell phone at a distance away from you when it’s not in use or using a landline, if possible, to make phone calls. Also, rather than carrying your cell phone in a pocket that’s close to your growing belly or soft tissue, keep it on the coffee table while you move around the house and turn it off or put it on a nightstand at night rather than under your pillow.

Pregnant women may also want to rethink carrying their cell phones in their breast pockets or bras during outings or workouts.

One unique active & sportswear company, SportPort™, is the first to implement the use of an extra safety pocket to help protect against potentially dangerous EMF waves to allow the wearer to carry their cell phone close to the body and soft tissue of the breast area. Kim Highfield, CEO of SportPort, mom, fitness and safety advocate tells us, “I don’t want to worry about when or where I use my cell phone. I purposely created SportPort for myself and other women who might have any concerns about carrying their phones close to their bodies or, in this case, close to their baby’s bodies during daily activities or workouts. That’s what inspired me to create the extra safety pocket in our sportswear line that includes an EMF barrier to protect against potentially dangerous radiofrequency waves.” She continued to tell us, “We are not doctors. We are not scientists. Studies are still inconclusive about whether EMF from phones is truly harmful. But we are firm believers in the old adage, ‘It’s better to be safe than sorry,’ and we sure don’t want to find out years down the road that we were inadvertently hurting our children.”

The bottom line is that the potential risks of cell phone radiation on pregnancy are still unknown, and until we know for sure, many expectant mothers are taking precautions to protect themselves and their unborn babies. There aren’t any specific guidelines on cell phone use during pregnancy from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, but that’s because the providers haven’t seen any studies or evidence yet that makes them worry about patients using cell phones. More research and studies need to be conducted that look at the entire picture to determine possible risks — not just one or two aspects of mobile use during pregnancy.

After all, can expectant mothers really afford to take that chance?

Further Reading: See the SportPort Knowledge Base for more information on cell phones, EMF, health and safety related issues.

Study & Science References:

SportPort™ Compression Sports Apparel & Protective Phone Pocket

SportPort™ Compression Sports Apparel & Protective Phone Pocket

SportPort™ developed a patented cell phone pocket design which incorporates a proprietary protective system that helps protect the user from potentially harmful Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) that are emitted from their cell phones. All of our compression sports apparel products have been tested and approved by an accredited lab to ensure added safety and superior performance.


SportPort™ Compression Sports Apparel: Fashion, Function and Technology

SportPort™ relies on cutting-edge fabric technology, using LYCRA® SPORT ultra-lightweight premium compression fabrics along with a proprietary patented cell phone pocket design. Several years of research, development and on-athlete testing are devoted to our premium compression activewear designs which are all moisture-wicking, UPF 50+, anti-odor, anti-chafe, and anti-fade. SportPort™ is dedicated to creating fashion-forward, safe and functional compression sportswear that is made in the USA.

Innovation & Patented Technology

SportPort™ offers compression sports apparel with a secure and accessible pocket for phone storage. Innovative SportPort™ patented technology forms a protective barrier between your body and EMF emissions from your phone. [PATENT NUMBER: 8,898,816]  
Potential Health Effects of EMF Exposure
  • Memory Loss
  • Depression
  • Loss of Energy
  • Irritability
  • Inability to Concentrate
  • Weakened Immune System
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Headaches
Get active and look your best with premium designer sports apparel. Try the SportPort™ line of sportswear for enhanced performance, safety, recovery & fashion.

Media Release: SportPort Activewear Collection Featured on Modern Living with kathy ireland®

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Los Angeles, CA – November 29, 2016 — Kim Highfield, Founder and Owner of SportPort™, introduces her company with the observation, “As women become more attached to their phones, many of them carry their cell phones in their bras while staying active and working out. These phones have been known to produce low-grade microwaves called EMF that have been associated with the risk of developing cancer. We have responded to this potential health hazard by developing a line of technical gear and compression sports apparel for women that provides an accessible phone pocket that incorporates high performance compression fabrics and EMF protection with our patented technology.”
Adding to the discussion, Caitlin Weiler, SportPort™ spokesperson, notes, “Since most of us carry our cellphones throughout the day, Kim recognized the need and developed this line of activewear to provide protection by shielding the wearer from EMF. I became an active supporter of SportPort™ when I came to understand the importance of this protection.”

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Comwear, LLC, is the creator of SportPort™, the first collection of technical gear to provide 4-way compression stabilization. The company has also developed and patented a technology system that incorporates a proprietary protective solution. This process provides protection from potentially harmful EMF emitted from cell phones. Additionally, the company’s garments incorporate moisture wicking properties and UPF protection, together delivering active wear that is attractive, functional and safe.

Highfield concludes by noting, “All of our products are extensively tested. However, they are popular with our customers for the fit and appearance as much for the protection they provide. The comfort and durability of our garments make them the perfect choice for all women from casual wearers to professional athletes.”

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming of Modern Living, notes, “We are excited to introduce this important and innovative product developed by SportPort™ to our viewers. We know they are very health-focused and will find this source of protection of great interest.”
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