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Empowerment Stitched into Every Seam: Discover SportPort Active’s Legacy

Empowerment Stitched into Every Seam: Discover SportPort Active’s Legacy

As the pink ribbons of October spread their message of breast cancer awareness, Kim Highfield, Founder and CEO of SportPort Active™, feels an intimate tug at her heartstrings. Her own mother valiantly fought breast cancer for six relentless years, a battle she ultimately lost. This profound loss has deeply imprinted upon Kim's heart, fueling her mission and purpose to champion women's health, ensuring that they have every protective advantage in their corner.

“Breast cancer is a painful reality for countless families. Witnessing my mother's fierce fight and indomitable spirit, I was determined to weave a commitment to health in every stitch and seam."

SportPort Active™ was founded over 13 years ago during the dawn and proliferation of smartphones, which quickly became integral to our lives.

Kim quickly recognized an underlying danger.

"Seeing women frequently tucking phones against their chests in sports bras was deeply unsettling. Given the uncertainties around the effects of having cell phones so close to our bodies, it sounded a silent alarm within me about the potential EMF exposure risks," Kim articulates.

Facing this concern head-on led to a fusion of innovation and elegance. Through relentless research and development, SportPort Active™'s groundbreaking EMF protective pocket was produced, and went on to be awarded two U.S. patents for its innovation in design and utility. 

SportPort Active™ is defined not just by its designs, but by its deeper ethos. Kim emphasizes, “Our garments are not just activewear. They're emblems of protection, purpose, and a promise—echoing especially loudly during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”

Kim's closing thoughts resonate deeply: "SportPort Active™ isn’t just another brand on the market. We're not just crafting beautiful and protective activewear; we're sculpting a movement. A movement urging women globally to choose activewear that harmonizes their style with their health, all while paying homage to the brave souls who've faced breast cancer."

SportPort Active™... Empowering Your Style, Guarding Your Health.  

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