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Nurture & Empower: A Mother's Day Salute to Health-Conscious Moms

Nurture & Empower: A Mother's Day Salute to Health-Conscious Moms

Embrace Wellness this Mother's Day with SportPort Active's Innovative Athleisure

Motherhood is a marathon of love, care, and unwavering dedication. This Mother's Day, SportPortActive invites you to celebrate the spirit of motherhood with our exclusive range of high-performance activewear, thoughtfully designed to accompany you on your journey to health and wellness.

SportPort Active was conceived from a vision by our founder and devoted athlete, Kim Highfield, who identified a gap in the athletic apparel market amid the surge of wearable technology.

Recognizing the need for safety as individuals increasingly integrated cell phones into their fitness routines, Kim embarked on a mission.

The result was SportPort™: a fusion of high-tech performance and unparalleled safety, launched in 2015 after years of meticulous research and development.

A Pioneering Patented Technology for Peace of Mind

The catalyst for our unique offering was personal—Kim's mother's courageous fight with cancer ignited a quest to safeguard athletes from the potential harm of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) emitted by cell phones.

Kim pioneered the first-ever Sports Bra with a patented technology pocket system that shields your body, allowing you to keep your cell phone close without the risks.

This Mother's Day, we honor the resilient spirit of all mothers, including those who have faced life's steepest climbs.

Scientifically Advanced, Stylishly Superior

At SportPort Active, we are committed to scientific rigor. Every thread woven into our fabric innovation is backed by cutting-edge studies to deliver products that not only perform but protect.

Our passion for science and progress has cultivated a level of trust and reliability that resonates deeply with our customers. Our dedication to excellence is woven into the very fabric of our brand—literally. Our selection of premium materials like TENCEL™, LYCRA®, and Polartec® is a testament to our promise of unparalleled quality and performance. 

TENCEL™ fibers, derived from sustainably sourced wood pulp, embody the fusion of luxury and sustainability. The unparalleled softness and smooth texture offer supreme comfort against the skin, making our activewear a second skin you never knew you needed. TENCEL™ is more than just a tactile pleasure; it's a responsible choice. Its production follows a closed-loop process that recycles water and solvents, ensuring that our activewear is not only kind to your skin but also to the environment.
LYCRA® stands out as the gold standard, in the realm of stretch and fit. For over six decades, this innovative fiber has been shaping the world of activewear. SportPort Active harnesses the power of LYCRA® to create garments that offer the perfect balance between flexibility and compression. This means each piece is designed to move with you, offering support that complements your natural strength and agility. Its moisture-wicking properties keep you cool and dry, while its durable stretch ensures your activewear retains its shape, workout after workout.
Polartec® are pioneers of fabric innovation delivers not just warmth without weight, but also breathability and protection in the harshest of climates. This means whether you're scaling a mountain or stretching in the studio, our Polartec®-enhanced activewear provides an unyielding shield against the elements, without ever compromising on style or comfort.

Designing with an Athlete's Heart

Our design philosophy is simple: create what athletes desire and need. Our lead designer, with her mastery of compression apparel engineering, and our design team, enriched with high-end fashion and wearable tech experience, work in unison to craft sportswear that is both trendy and pragmatic.

We understand the dynamics of knit compression fabrics and optimize them to deliver the finest quality athletic wear.

We don't just design activewear; we engineer a competitive edge into each seam, stitch, and fabric choice. Our lead designer, a virtuoso in the art of compression apparel engineering, and our innovative design team, with their rich heritage in luxe fashion and wearable technology, collaborate to conceive sportswear that captures the zeitgeist while delivering practical, performance-driven solutions.

Understanding the kinetic world of athletes, we select knit compression fabrics that promise to elevate and empower. Each garment is a fusion of high-fashion sensibilities and rigorous athletic demands, designed not just to meet but to anticipate the needs of modern sportspersons.

The result is activewear that resonates with the dedicated spirit of the wearer, offering the ultimate synthesis of style, comfort, and technology. With SportPort Active, athletes don’t just wear their gear; they wield it, as an extension of their ambition and a reflection of their commitment to excellence.

A Mother's Ingenuity: From Concern to Creation

Kim Highfield's entrepreneurial journey is steeped in proactive solution-seeking, shaped by personal experiences and a former athlete's grit. When the realization of cellphone radiation risks became apparent, Kim harnessed her visual arts acumen and allied with industry virtuosos to innovate a lifesaving piece of activewear—the EMF-protective pocket.

SportPort's journey from a spark of concern to a patented innovation underscores the ethos of Mother's Day—a celebration of nurturing protectors who transform care into action. It's about channeling a mother's touch into every aspect of life, including the clothes we wear to exercise, rejuvenate, and bond with our loved ones.

This Mother's Day, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all mothers. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, a yoga lover, or embarking on a wellness journey, our SportPort activewear with EMF-protective pockets is more than attire—it's a wearable embodiment of love, care, and protective embrace.

Join us, at SportPort Active, as we toast to the health and triumphs of moms everywhere. Your courage inspires our innovation, and together, we stride towards a future where fitness is safe, stylish, and smart. 

Our Heartfelt Gratitude: Mother’s Day Sale


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